Ashlyn Nicole Soaps, Arlington

Up until a year ago I was a liquid soap kind of gal. I’d never been a fan of bar soap, but as my quest to shop local grew and grew, I knew it was time for that to change. So, over the last year, I’ve tried out the products of more than my fair share of local soap makers and time and time again found myself doing only that, just trying. I just couldn’t bring myself to use them more than once or twice. The culprit wasn’t my longstanding aversion to bar soap, it was more to do with the way it was made. All of the bar soap I had tried either just didn’t lather up the way that liquid soap does or, worse, the bits and pieces of the ingredients put into the soap were rough and scratchy and made them look like they felt. There was nothing pleasant about either experience.

All of that changed about three months though when I was introduced to Arlington based Ashlyn Nicole Soapsand Terry the maker behind it, at the Marysville Farmers Market. At first glance you can tell that her soap is different than that from other local makers. Visually there are no bits and pieces to worry about, and you can see and feel how soft and smooth it is without even having to use it.

So what’s the difference? The ingredients for one. Terry uses various organic oils, as well as shea butter which leaves your skin smooth and soft without the need for lotion. It’s almost as if you took a shower with it. She also uses fragrances and colorants that are safe for your skin, and Vitamin E which give you a bit of sun and ever important wrinkle protection.

Ingredients aren’t everything though, scent is equally important and you will find the traditional ones here – fruits, floral, spices, and holiday variations. That’s not all though. Terry brings an almost equal mix of feminine and masculine tones to her soap, and no those masculine tones aren’t just for the men. Her woodsy and amber based blends are for anyone. My closet happens to have a 4/1 ratio of dresses to pants, so I might appear girly, but all three Ashlyn Nicole Soaps I have tried have been on the masculine side.

My first bar was Darrington which has an outdoorsy blend that represents the Snohomish County community, which just happens to be my favorite one so how could I not buy it. My other selections were Sandalwood and Vanilla, I’m a sucker for Sandalwood, and Fierce which brings together woodsy tones with Amber and citrus ones. I have absolutely loved all three and would recommend them to anyone who loves masculine, musky, or woodsy scents.

Beyond soap, Ashlyn Nicole Soaps also dabbles in lotion, bubble bath, and lip balm, which I haven’t had the pleasure of trying out myself, but I am sure are equally amazing. If you would like to give Terry’s products a try, you can purchase them online HERE , GroWashington in Everett, and Artisans Mercantile in Snohomish. You can also catch her community events all year long.

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