Le Vintage Finds, Marysville

Many of you know that I that I became a woman without an office a few weeks ago, and everything (I mean everything) in it went. Breaking those chains has been nothing short of pure freedom, but at the same time a realization that I still needed some kind of home office set-up for posting and writing reviews hit me.

My commitment to local shopping was at first a challenge, where was I going to find new furniture and decorations that were as local as possible?  Then it hit me, why not go vintage, and vintage I went. While I still have yet to discover a desk, I made numerous finds in Bothell, Everett, and Monroe (more than can possibly fit), but didn’t stop there. I also made a stop by a shop I’ve been meaning to get to for awhile, Le Vintage Finds.

You will find this little gem located along 3rd St, the heart of local businesses, in Marysville. Like most vintage shops, it features a mix of locally made products, old items made new, and antiques assembled together by various vendors. What I like about this shop, and what sets them apart from many others I’ve been to is that most if not all of the booths are set up beautifully, instead of items just being put in where they fit, and each of them looks unique. Most even have there own little theme.

Another difference you will find is that the booths are, against most if not all, stocked full from floor ceiling. There is so much to go through that me and my mini-me spent well over an hour combing through it all to find our treasures (she spent far more time than me, and she’s usually more the typical kid wanting to go before you). Among the types of items you will find there are the traditional furniture and knick knacks, but you will also find much more.

For those who like to look the part, there is a wide selection of vintage clothing and jewelry. There’s a fair share of signs and items to fill up your walls, as well beautifully decorated cups and dishes to fill your hutches. More importantly though, fun and unique items can be found scattered across the shop, including military gear, post office class stamps, and kitchen appliances.

While my love for the shop is genuine, I will say it is a bit biased. You see, among the locally made products featured at Le Vintage Finds, are two of my favorites, Vivid Experience and Ashlyn Nicloe Soaps. Regardless of that though, any local storefront that supports other local businesses and makers by using or selling their products gets an A+ in my book. It makes our local businesses stronger, our local economy stronger, and creates stronger more connected communities.

Beyond all of that, I will let Le Vintage Finds and its booths speak for themselves through these beautiful pictures that I took across the shop last week. If you find something you like, or just want to go check the shop out, visit them at 1515 3rd St Marysville, WA 98270. You can also follow along with them and see current photos of the shop on their Facebook page HERE.

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