The Ears Have It

Koreena Bradley Jewelry, Everett

Before 2017, I hadn’t worn earrings, other than a special occasion here and there, since I was a kid. Why? That would be a combination of things, a bad experience with a too small stud earring going inside my ear and just not liking them in general. I’ve never been one to like something I have to remember to do every day.

There’s a more important why here though. Why start wearing them now? The answer to that is easy, I stumbled upon a pair of earrings I couldn’t live without, and then stumbled on another, and another. Each and every one of those stumbles just so happened to be courtesy of the same jewelry designer, Koreena Bradley Jewelry of Everett.

I absolutely love her bead and stone choices, not to mention the way she combines them and ties it all together with various metals in creative ways. You can find Koreena’s beautiful earrings and other creations at GroWashington Everett and online at

Thanks to Koreena, I not only have pair after pair of beautiful earrings, but now freely enjoy the earrings designed by other Snohomish County Makers like Happy Go Indigo of Bothell and Ebb & Flow / Compass Rose of Stanwood / Camano Island. I don’t know where my ears would be without her.

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