Giving Thanks to my Community


In a time when our mailboxes seem to be overflowing with nothing but pile after pile of unwanted junk mail, I found myself, not once, but twice this year, finding something quite different and unexpected in my box. On both occasions, I was the recipient of greeting cards from my dear friend Paula Pugh, owner of Vivid Experience Candles in Marysville.

They contained simple thank you’s, for my friendship and for some action on my part which brightened her day. The words within them, though short and few, made me smile and made me feel a sense of being appreciated. That is something that is often lacking in today’s society as much as mail we’d actually like to receive in our mailbox.

It was that feeling that got me to thinking, why not do the same? After all, Paula herself had began mailing cards because of having received them from another. Maybe it was my turn to pay it forward and send my own simple thank you’s to those who have, for one reason or another, made this last year the best of my life and kept me focused on why I make the choices, and do the work that, I do day in and day out.

So, I sat myself down, and got to work, deciding who to send them out to and why. It was that thought process which made me realize why receiving those cards from Paula, and why choosing to send them myself, was so important.

They don’t just contain simple thank you’s or or opportunities to make others feel appreciated, they offer both the giver and receiver the opportunity to reflect on the past, on good memories, and the things and people that truly matter. Those are all things that make it well worth my time and yours to sit down, put pen to paper, and remember how to address an envelope, put a stamp on it, and send it off in the mail.

Now, I’m not going to share with you who my cards are going out to, or what is written within them (I will leave it up to the receiver’s to share or not). What I will share, however, is that my cards (pictured) were created by Goodey Studio of Edmonds, in case you want to pick some up for yourself. Cat Snapp Studio of Everett makes some awesome cards as well. So, no excuses, get out ther, start writing, and make someone you know smile the next time they go to their mailbox.

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