New LSCL, New Look

Things are Changing All Over the Place

Live the SnoCo Life has been taking on a new look in more than one way over the last 10 weeks. Not only have I spent that time planning and creating this magazine, I spent it letting go of worry and fear, and accepting that all of this makes me a public figure, and that’s okay. What better way to celebrate then with a new look of my own for our website and social media accounts. There is the added bonus of getting to play a pretty princess for a day. For those that know me, don’t laugh to hard. I’m well aware that I don’t wear pink and that I spend more time outdoors getting my nails and the rest of me dirty then I do dressing up and wearing make-up.

That brings me to something else I’ve learned over the last 10 weeks, in trying to figure out what all of this was going to look like and what kind of content would be included. I’ve learned that us women don’t have to choose between being either girly or outdoorsy, it’s okay to be both. I can dress up, put on a face, and go out shopping or getting my eyebrows done, then spend the next day coating my car in dirt along the Mountain Loop Highway and getting sweaty on a trail.

It is the freedom of those thoughts that have inspired another change for Live the SnoCo Life, the addition of a product line that partners us with local makers and promotes the idea of being both girly and outdoorsy with pride. Our new line will be called Mimosa Days & Backroad Nights, featuring candles, soap, jewelry, baked goodies, coffee, hand lettered signs and more. When can you expect it? Like the new Live the SnoCo Life, it won’t officially launch until the new year, but I have a feeling there will be some sneak peeks and opportunities to buy in the meantime.


Until then, you will just settle for checking out photos from my day playing a pretty princess. Here is who helped out:

Brow Shaping: Cinnamon & Sugar Me, Snohomish

Hydrafacial Treatments: Skin Nirvana, Edmonds

Hair & Makeup: Cindra at the Bella Blow Dry and Beauty Bar in Mukilteo

Gel Nail Art: Glitterbox Nail Studio, Everett

Hand Lettered Chalkboard: Happy Heart Design, Lake Stevens

Let us know what you think! Share your comments and experiences below and don’t forget to spread the love on social media at the bottom of the page.


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