Battle of the Blackheads

With Skin Nirvana, Edmonds

Here I am, once again, having to show a part of me most women never want to be seen, their face up close and personal, no editing. Last year it was wrinkles, now a year later, and just when I thought me and my face were good with each other, I was introduced to blackheads by Kaitlin of Skin Nirvana in Edmonds.

I underwent two treatments, the first a basic HydraFacial, and the second a intensive acne HydraFacial. If you’ve never had a hydra facial, it is definitely an experience different than your average facial. I’d compare it to an octopus using its suction cups on your face.

It’s clear from my before and after photos that I now have significantly less blackheads around my nose, which was my biggest problem area. Beyond that, my skin in general is healthier looking and even has a bit of a glow from the products she let me take home. If you have massive problems with blackheads like me, I strongly recommend a HydraFacial.

Q&A Wit Kaitlin:


What types of problems does the service help with most?

Anti Aging and Acne are the two issues I help my clients combat the most. There are so many ways to customize the treatment that it really opens the door to addressing all your concerns [though], whether it be sun damage, uneven tone and texture, dehydration, congestion/blackheads, inflammation, under eye puffiness, acne, fine lines and wrinkles or hyper-pigmentation. We can address all of your skin issues and get you results in one single treatment.

Explain how a basic treatment works, what is happening during the different steps?

The HydraFacial is a multistep process. First the skin is resurfaced using gentle acids and mechanical exfoliations. This step removes all dead tissue and opens up the pores. 2nd, a Glycolic Peel is applied to emulsify anything stuck in your pores as well as brighten and target damage. 3rd, vacuum assisted extractions are performed. This is such an amazing step. I can watch as difficult to remove blackheads painlessly are lifted out of the skin and pores are left clean. It really is awesome! 4th I infuse your skin with healing and hydrating ingredients that will flood your clean pores. This is the step that gives you that glowing, healthy complexion.

What kind of follow-up with you and at home do you recommend to increase and maintain results?

[I recommend] a HydraFacial every two weeks for your first 3-5 treatments) and then once we have worked through the damage you can maintain your results with a once a month treatment.

A proper skin care routine at home is just as important as the treatment itself. Using a tailor made skin care routine daily will help increase your results and get more longevity out of them in between treatments. I love teaching my clients how to care for their skin at home and creating a custom plan for them with home care I retail at my location (Sorella Apothecary, HydraFacial MD).

What is your favorite part about what you do?

Before I became an esthetician I had never even had a facial. I just knew that I loved skin, and that I believed in human touch and interaction. I wanted to spend my life helping people feel good about themselves and confident in who they were. Our skin brings us so many different concerns and problems in our lifetime, but it doesn’t have to. Helping guide my clients on their skin journey is an honor. Every face is different and my hope is for us to all love the skin we’re in.


My Before: Lots of blackheads around my nose and a rough, uneven complxion

My After: Blackheads are noticably lessened after just true treatments and complexion is much smoother

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