Deck the Halls . . . or the Mantle

. . . or whatever you have, local style

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Christmas was a big deal in my home growing up. There would be visits to Levenworth, tree hunting out n the wilds of Stevens Pass, and no shortage of decorations and presents. For me it was never a happy home. Instead it was one full of bad memories and pain. Because of that, all the pomp and circumstance always felt fake to me and that is something I carried into adulthood.

It led to Christmas after Christmas of doing the bare minimum, throwing up a tree and decorations for the kids. In the last couple of years, the tree hasn’t even been real. All of that changed though, when my family and I began our mission of shopping local as often as possible. Finding a tree, hanging ornaments, and decorating was suddenly something to look forward to.

Our local lifestyle has put a new spin on Christmas. The SnoCo Kid and I even cut down our own tree at Lochsloy Acres in Lake Stevens (pg. 38) and we have once again scoured the shops of Snohomish County for ornaments (pg. 49) and decorations.

Not only did we buy some, we bought way too much. As we went from city to city and shop to shop we kept finding more and more things that went so well together. It got to the point that I had to have the SnoCo Kid hold my wallet for me. It was a bit of a role reversal, since I’m usually the one holding onto it tight so she doesn’t spend all my money.

The shops of Snohomish County have so much to offer. I encourage you to get up, get out, and find something new (or old) to decorate with this Christmas. Here is a look at the goodies we picked up. We would love to see what you pick up. Share it with us by tagging @livethesnocolife on Facebook and Instagram.

Knit Stockings: Arlington Hardware, Arlington

Vingtage Wall Hanger: Queen Bee, Snohomish

Wood Carved Trees: Joyworks, Snohomish

Vingtage Frykman Figurine Set: My Eclectic Home, Snohomish

Plush Gnomes: Sassafrass Antiques, Arlington

Wood Tree Sign: My Eclectic Home, Snohomish (By Simply Rustic Decor)

Glitter Reindeer: Joyworks, Snohomish

Wish Blocks: Sweet Bee, Snohomish

Wood Countdown Blocks: Quite the Find, Bothell

Wood Sign: My Eclectic Home, Snohomish (By Simply Rustic Decor)

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