In Hunt of the Perfect Christmas Tree

Lochsloy Acres, Lake Stevens

Twas the weekend before Thanksgiving, and a rather cold and wet day, when The SnoCo Kid and I bundled up, got into the car, and headed off to cut down our Christmas tree. Yes it is a bit early to be doing so, but so is the life when you have to create magazine content a month ahead of time.

Not quite prepared to brave the wilds of the Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest to find our tree, we decided on finding something a bit closer to home, and of course local. Luckily for us, Lochsloy Acres, a tree farm in Lake Stevens, was only about a fifteen minute or so drive from our home.

Upon arriving, we armed ourself with first hats and mittens, then with the most essential tool to cutting down ones own tree, a saw. Don’t let the pretty pink nails fool you, this gal knows a thing or two about using tools. Us girls were up to the task, no man needed.

We then headed off, walking down row after row of trees. That task was far harder than it sounds because of their being numerous varieties and sizes to choose from. We took a bit of time to explore all of them, Fraser, Grand, Douglas, Nordmann, and Noble Fir trees. Once we’d seen them all we settled on finding a Fraser Fir.

Our criteria was simple, we needed something of medium height with enough spacing between branches and on them to allow all of our locally bought ornaments to stand out. After narrowing it down to three trees, we faced a bit of a challenge and fun.

Despite labeled rows, so you can remember where trees you spotted are, we kept forgetting row names. Oddly we have the same problem in labeled parking lots. That led to a bit of debauchery trying to relocate our final three so we could compare them, but find them we did.

After we made our final selection, I set to work, sawing the base of the tree while The SnoCo Kid stood aside recording the whole thing, most likely hoping for me to do something wrong and funny. Lucky for me, I managed to cut it down without incident.

Once our beautiful tree was on the ground, we tossed it into one of the provided sleds and pulled it back to the barn. There, owner Mike instructed some strapping young lads to help us with getting it wrapped up and onto our car. Unfortunately for them that was also harder than it sounds thanks to our lovable pup, and part time guard dog, Miss Everly, barking at them from inside the car the whole time. Amusing for us, a lot of pressure for them.

Tree strapped on, we got back into our car and headed home to face another set of challenges. As always seems to happen, our tree was a bit bigger than expected and our ceiling a bit lower than we remembered. With a bit of trimming though, we managed to get it just right.

One challenge down, on to the next. Now, I could have gone with any old tree stand from the store, but that would have been far too easy, and all the local shopping for Christmas decorations yielded quite a find. 

While checking out Rustic Redemption in Granite Falls, I stumbled upon an antique cast iron tree stand tucked away under a table. Score! 

When tree and stand met though, it was no Cinderella moment. The base of the tree was just a bit too small and the hardware for the stand a bit too loose, (of course). We set about purchasing some new hardware , that didn’t work out, so I Magyvered it.

With a bit of experience in our pockets, and a note to take measurements before heading out, we might just be ready to brave the wild for next years tree.

You can find out more about Lochsloy Acres, and how to get your own tree at

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