The Little Shop That Could

Lather & Salt of Snohomish

On a dark and windy evening in Snohomish I happened to stumble upon the “tinniest” shop in the city, literally. Lather & Salt measures less than 100 sqft (that’s smaller than 10x10 for those not construction inclined).

I’ve had vendors struggle to fit in booths that size at our events, so I was shocked to find so much goodness packed into such a small space, let alone that one even existed or that I hadn’t stumbled upon it before.

So what will you find inside this tiny shop? The answer is a welcome one for me since there aren’t a lot of its kind in Snohomish County. You will find Lather & Salt full of bath and beauty products.

They carry the basics like soap, bath salts, and lotions. You will also find balms, scrubs, skin care products and beyond. More importantly it all smells heavenly. Even more importantly, it is all made locally by Lather & Salt.

Is it worth a try? Absolutely! Setting aside the fact that this is a local shop full of a local makers products, the products themselves are amazing. While I was there I picked up the basics, and a few extra goodies for myself

My go to soap has been an on and off for me lately, so I was excited to be trying out a new soap, even more so once I opened it. Lather’s olive oil based soap is very natural looking, no frills, which is a plus for me. The scent (Sugared Pine) was good. The real test of a soap though is its lather, and this one gets an A+, reminding me of my go to when it first came out. So much so that it might just be my new go to.

The bath salt was another must try for me since I’ve recently become a fan of using it as a way to manage chronic pain. Once again I found Lather’s product to be very natural looking, but what I was really looking for was whether the smell would last in the bath and whether it would work for me.

I’m happy to report that the answer to both was yes. The scent (Sugared Pine) lingered the entire time and it was very soothing and relaxing. I will say that it made the water a bit cold feeling, but some salts do that and ironically without that effect I usually end up feeling too hot.

Bottom line, I loved the shop and their products. It is definitely worth a trip if you are looking, or just love, bath and beauty products like me.

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