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I don’t know about the rest of you, but wrapping presents has always been my least favorite thing about Christmas. That could be due to the fact that five kids equals a lot of presents, or maybe it is more having to sit down to wrap them after a long day of shopping so those same kids can’t peek. Both valid points.

The more I think about it though, the more I start to realize it might just be that I haven’t really let myself get creative with it in the past. It has always been more like a chore than something fun. You know what that means, it’s time to make it fun.

Since The SnoCo Kid and I took an art class with Kiplee Art of Everett in October, I’ve been dying for the opportunity to paint some more. What better way to practice on something simple then creating our wrapping paper and gift bags.

That idea meant a trip out to Edmonds to shop at the only local art supply shop I know, Artspot. There we picked up some acrylic paint and brushes. Then it was off to a not so local craft shop (someone needs to get on that) for some glitter, stamps, kraft paper, and paper gift bags.

Supplies ready, the two of sat down and got to work. I have to say, the idea worked out better then I could have ever imagined. We got to do something fun, we made wrapping presents more personal, and, more importantly, we spent time together learning something new. Our work wasn’t to shabby if I do say so myself, and we can’t wait to actually wrap presents with it and show it off.

Want to give it a try yourself: Just pick up some acrylic paint, I recommend red, green, blue, brown, white, and black at a minimum, that way you can do a bit of mixing to change the shade of colors or create new ones. Be sure to get brushes that are meant to be used with acrylic paint, one small thin one for details and a bit bigger one for larger for everything else.

Kraft paper and paper bags are the perfect option for working with. They make for a natural look and work well with the paint. A yard stick is a helpful way of cutting the paper into equal size pieces that can be cut smaller later. Freehand it, stencils are a nightmare, and no matter how good it turns out, those you are using it for will appreciate the time you took to create something unique for them.

P.S. If it turns out less than artistic, you could always say the kiddos did it!

 DIY not your thing. Not to worry, there are local shops and makers across Snohomish County that have just the wrapping paper, gift tags, greeting cards, and more that you are looking for.

Gift Tag Set: Vintage Company No. 7, Bothell. Handmade Greeting Cards: Jody & Star, Marysville (Thank you to Paula of Vivid Experience Candles for introducing me to these gal’s and to the lost art of greeting cards)

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