SnoCo Kid : Book  Review

 Book:      Finish This Book Book: Finish This Book

Author:     Keri Smith

Genre:     Children’s/Art/Fill-In

Buy At:     Artspot, Edmonds

What is the book about?

Finish This Book is not just any book, it is an instruction manual. It is a mystery bundled in all kinds of other mysteries. Through the course of its content the reader, or new author, as the case may be is required to undergo training, learning how to be a sleuth so that they can dive into the instruction manual, sleuthing tools in hand, and embark on a journey of fun tasks that will help them fill its pages. The tasks are everything from drawing and journaling, to cracking secret codes and doing research.

Did you have a good time reading and working on it? What was your favorite part?

I did, it was a lot of fun. The best part was cracking the codes because it was a challenge and seeing something all jumbled up just makes you want to figure it out. My mom had to help me out a bit with the codes, but eventually I got the hang of it and was doing it on my own. I also liked the parts that required me to describe things I was seeing and doing, or research that I had done. Those are things I work on in school, so it was kind of a fun way to build my writing skills. I am working on learning to draw, so I obviously liked that part too. I liked all of it.

Would you recommend this book for other kids?

Of course I would, it is so much fun and it isn’t just the one book, the author has several books that are similar. I bought my friend one as well so that we could work on it together during recess and lunch.

Anything else to add about the book?

The hardest part is not being able to skip ahead, you have to work on the book in order. That means if there is a task that you have to go somewhere or have something for and you can’t do it, you just have to wait. Lots of anticipation!

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