Best Artist Winner 2017

Zayrera Art Studio, Bothell

Snohomish County is home to dozens, hundreds, of amazing artists. There are painters, pottery makers, glass blowers, photographers, wood workers in so much more. We truly live in one of the most creative communities in our region. That is why the Best Artist award is one of my favorite categories. It means I get the opportunity to get up close and personal with one of them and learn all about their art. Considering I am a budding painter myself, I’m beyond excited that this years winner is a painter. So, without further ado, I introduce you to Zaydelis, owner of Zayrera Art Studio .

Why did you decide to become an artist?

I have always wanted to express my feelings different ways. Using my affection to colors, creativity and imagination as my driver to make art was the way that felt the most natural to me. When I moved from Puerto Rico to Washington and saw how vibrant the art scene is here, I saw an opportunity and decided to pursue my dream to become an artist with the help and support of my husband and family.

How would you describe your artwork?

Most of my artwork is abstract and mixed media. Using non-representational shapes, experimenting with vibrant colors – and discovering new interesting hues, lines and textures .

The medium that I used the most are acrylics paints and inks, giving the space to expand my ideas and create infinite possibilities of expression. For interesting textures I use molding paste, sand, gold, silver or bronze colored leafs, among others. When is time to paint, some of my favorite to-go tools are pieces of old credit cards for scraping. I use these more than regular brushes on some pieces and find them fun to use! I always like to try new things and to think outside the box.

What inspires you when you are painting?

Since I began to develop the interest and found excitement to paint abstracts, intuition and inspiration to express myself on a canvas felt natural to me, especially when I listen to music, or surrounded by nature. These two, plus family, memories and combinations of colors make up most of my inspiration. Each painting tells a story of what’s going on in my mind. By starting my process with those elements, I feel I can focus on build captivating pieces.

What do you want others to experience or see when they are viewing your work? Is there a message you are trying to get across?

I want people to get to know me through my paintings, but my goal is to deliver energy, emotions and colors to compliment any space, anywhere.

Has the local art community played a role in your business?

In the last 2 years the art community has been incredibly important to my growth and exposure! While being relatively new in the art scene here in Snohomish County, I’ve had the opportunity to meet other local artists who have provided amazing support and encouragement to go on, make more art and put myself out there. I am forever grateful and excited for being part of this community.

Are there any local artists that you look up to?

Local artists like:
Beth Francois – Coyote Moon Art
Lori L. Knight – Knight Visions Studio Gallery
Dr. Rinkle Shah – Creative Hands Art School

[They] provided continuous and invaluable support, encouragement, resources and valuable opportunities. These are professionals who really care about not just their craft, but the local art community and emerging artists. I’m really grateful for crossing paths with each of them, and for everything I have learned, and continue learning from them.

You can find Zaydelis’s artwork on

Facebook and Instagram @Zayrera Art Studio

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