Best Food Products Winner 2017

Infused Gourmet Co, Bothell

Locally made food products are a bit hard to come by, so when I find one, I find ways to use it with everything. The infused olive oils created by Infused Gourmet Co, happen to be one of them.

I absolutely love Infused’s Garlic Olive Oil and Bacon Olive Oil. They add just the right amount of flavor to what I’m cooking and are behind numerous delicious meals in our home.

Infused offers more than just olive oil though, and I am working my way up to trying out every single one of their products. Currently there are ten different Olive Oils, nine different Balsamic Vinegars, nine varietes of Salt, four varieties of seasoning, pasta, and more. The list seems to grow every day.

So where did owner, Christina, come up with the idea to infuse common cooking ingredients with so many different flavors. The answer to that is a combination of things.

Her journey started when her daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and Sensory Impairment. Changing the way their family ate was a big step toward helping her, but as she and others (including myself), soon find out, its not cheap to do it.

It just so happens that her mother owned an oil and vinegar business in Eastern Washington. With a little inspiration, Christina soon realized that not only did infused oils and vinegars make your food taste better in a healthy way, but you only needed a bit to do it and didn’t have to break the bank buying it.

Seeing what a difference it had made in her own family, Christina set out to share her infusion creations wtih others through her own business. Her products can be found online at:

They can also be found at events across Western Washington and shops like The Vintage Company No. 7. She also shares lots of fun recipes through her social media accounts, so be sure to follow along.

As for me, I’ll be picking up some Rosemary Olive Oil (we use the herb in everything), and some of her salts the next time I see her. Decisions, decisions! I know whatever I pick will be delicious though, because of Christina, not just because I’m an awesome cook. That doesn’t hurt though.

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  1. Frances

    I loved using Christina’s infused olive oils for our vegan biscotti! All of her products give dimension to everything you make!


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