Best Jewelry Designer 2017

Whackadoodles & Wanderlust, Monroe

I’ve never been one to spend a lot of time in Monroe, but lately it is really starting to grow on me. There are some pretty amazing local businesses there. Scratch that, some pretty amazing local business owners there.

Staci Scheffer of Whackadoodles & Wanderlust just happens to be one of them. Her “scoops” are simple, but have made me laugh and brightened my day more than once as they pop up in my social media feeds. They are honest and fun, more often than not reflecting what she and a lot of us are feeling.

After getting to know her better, I found myself gifted with one that says “don’t trade authenticity for approval.” There couldn’t be a better message for me at this point in my life. She got me after just one meeting. I absolutely love her and her work, and couldn’t think of a better winner for our Best Jewelry Designer Award.

How did you get into designing jewelry?

It is so funny. I’m a mom, so it all started because I wanted something for me, something that I could have fun doing while they are in school or off doing other things. The whole thing was just kind of random. I prayed about it, and then one day I was flipping through Pinterest for ideas and saw these spoon garden markers. I thought, you know what, I can do this. So I went to Goodwill and grabbed a load of steel spoons, thinking this is going to be so cool. I got my stamps, went home, and tried to hit these steel spoons only to realize it was the dumbest thing I could have thought to do. They looked cool, but it was so hard, phsycially and to get them right.

Then I thought, you know what, I have this set of silver setting aside, I’ll give it a try and see what happens. Silver flatware is usually silver plating over some other metal, and its softer. I did it the first time and it was so creamy and easy. So we started making garden markers. I put them up on social media and it went well. We have been in the community here in Monroe since 2005, we are really involved in the church and other things. I knew a lot of people and it was really nice having friends, family, and others in the community respond and encourage me. We got orders for them.

After we first got started, my husband and I went to a junk market and saw upcycled cuffs. He was looking at them and saying, these are just belts, we can do this. The I was like, what if we put spoons on them, that would be super cool. So we started making cuffs and it become more and more. My friends and family were sharing things on social media, we started getting custom orders, and, you know how it works, one person hears about it and off it goes. It has been so amazing.

Where do you get your spoons from?

All over the place. I actually do have a source for my scoops, that’s what I call them. We met a wonderful couple out in Ronald, Washington, who uses the design end of the spoon – Lojo’s Jewelry is their name. We just clicked. They literally took us under their wings, showed us some secrets that they had, and it just worked out that we use one end of the spoon and they use the other.

Other times, people will reach out to me and say, hey I have my grandmas set that has been sitting here forever, will you make something for me. I’m always happy to do that. It makes it much more precious because it is made from something that is a part of their family. It also ends up working out that usually I create a few pieces for them and other members of their family and get to keep the rest and create something with them. We trade.

How do you come up with the sayings on them?

Sometimes people give me ideas. I’ll go on Pinterest and search. I keep some filed away, but others just pop up. The story behind each person’s piece when they ask for a custom order, it usually just clicks. Then there are random ones that I just put out there, whatever my mood is on a particular day. 90% of the time what I post on social media is what was stamped that morning, so you know how I’m feeling that day.

What is your favorite part about owning a business?

I love people, I geniunely do. My business has allowed me to connect with them, and hear their stories. They are a constant reminder of why I continue doing what I do. People have been so encouraging, and their reaction to seeing something personal and meaningful to them, I love it.

The stories behind them, and just what a little spoon can do to encourage a person is so humbling, and such an honor. I stay connected with them, and they come back to me and tell me all about the comfort my piece has brought them or someone they gave it to. I should actually start journaling all of it. It’s just amazing and gives what I do more meaning.

I like to think a bit of it has to do with my beliefs. I tell people, just know that this piece was prayed over by me, all the way from picking it out and flatening it, to hammering it and sending it out to you. My scoops are special, a lot of love and hope goes into each one and when I hear that someone has gotten better or had something good happen to them after having one, I can’t help but think that the scoops are working.

Necklaces, Cuffs, Keychains, and more from Whackadoodles & Wanderlust can be purchased through their website:

Select pieces are also available at Vintage & Rust, and Original Pilot House in Monroe, as well as Reclaimed Heart in Arlington.

Also, don’t forget to follow Staci on Facebook & Instagram to see her latest pieces and her mood for the day.

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    I had no idea her “scoops” are sourced that way!! Fantastic article. I always am so inspired ♡


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