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Your SnoCo Gal’s Top Three Goals For 2018

Stay tuned, my 2018 goals for 2018 are coming up next week!

GOAL #1 Indulge my adventurous and creative side . . .

In 2018, I will not only be focusing on trying new things (you can catch the fun all year in the For You section of our website), but on doing more of what I love. For long time followers, you know those things are already full of adventure and creativity.

Here’s a look at some of my to do list so far:

  • Learning how to make old things new, whether it is furniture or odds and end
  • Learning how to make my own products, from candles to bath and beauty goodies (for personal use only, sorry)
  • Learning how to kayak and maybe even snowshoe (cross country skiing sounds easier, what do you think?)
  • Taking more photographs, not just for work, but for fun. More importantly, for me. Challening myself to take a helicopter ride around local mountains for this one as well, and of course I’ll be conquering some new hiking trails.
  • Developing my painting skills more, and turning my beautiful landscape photos into painted works of art
  • Dreaming up some new recipes for baking and working on my frosting skills.

GOAL #2 Getting healthier and stronger . . .

Many of you know that 2017, and late 2016, was a difficult time for me health wise. I was given a dealth sentence and was faced with getting weaker and weaker before I could finish all of things I wanted to do for me, and with my children. In the time since, I’ve fought back. I’ve managed to bring my health problems to a halt (no they are not gone, but they are not getting worse), but now that I have, I have to work on getting strong enough to start working on all of those unfinished things.

Here’s a look at some of my to do list so far:

  • Building my physical strength back up one step at a time, starting with little every day things and working up to full on exercising and trips to the gym.
  • Starting with small and easy hikes once I’m getting my strength back, and working my way up to longer and more difficult ones.
  • Learning even more about food, what I can eat, how I can prepare it, and what foods, vitamins, and natural supplements will help getting me back up on my feet again.
  • Improving my sleeping habits
  • Drinking more water and coffee, which will be replacing my sugar free energy drinks more and more I’m hoping.

GOAL #3 Getting more organized . . .

The more I’ve sat down and brainstormed goals and what I want to achieve over the year, the more I’ve come to see just how connected they are. At the bottom of most for me, is being more organized when it comes to work, life, and, of course, my money. Being organized in all of those areas would mean less anxiety, more free time, more getting done, and maybe actually breaking even or, better yet, actually getting paid, for once. How nice would that be?

Here’s a look at some of my to do list so far:

  • Set a budget for each issue and start building up some savings, starting with 10% of every payment received and adding another 10% each quarter as I get better about spending and start having more coming in. Pave the way for bigger and better things.
  • Establishing processes for work, for dealing with planning issues and managing articles, subscribers, and advertisers.
  • Create or buy storage that will help put everything needed for my other goals in place and easy to find.
  • Be more aware of how long it takes me to do things and start developing  routine and schedule that allows things to actually get done.

Got tips for how I can crush these goals in 2018, or just want to share some of your own? Drop me a comment below.

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  1. Goo

    I absolutely love how you laid out goals and followed them up with action plans! It shows great organization ( so on the right track on one of ‘em!) and how thought out they are!
    Consider me inspired!


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