Best Vintage Shop, 2017

The Vintage Company No 7, Bothell



Vintage shops are a growing trend across Snohomish County, and I for one am loving it. They offer a bit of old mixed in with a bit of old made new. The Vintage Company No. 7 just so happens to be my favorite vintage shop by far. I have more than one of her furniture pieces, a dresser and a desk. I’ve also got countless other goodies that I’ve picked up there over the last year or two. I always get into trouble there and it is impossible to walk out of her door empty handed.

Not only do I love the shop, I love it’s owner Sandra,. She is beyond friendly and talented, so I am super excited to present her with the Best Vintage Shop award for the second year in a row. She’s more than earned it with her work, style, and attention to detail. But, enough from me, I’ll let her tell you all about how in her own words.

 How did you get into picking and painting old furniture?

I’ve always loved vintage furniture, when I was young I would find things next to the dumpster and haul it home. I [really] fell in love with painted furniture when I had a whole house to furnish [though]. I had hand me downs and things I had bought from goodwill [to work with]. I wanted more of a collected look so I started painting everything I had. I was hooked on finding vintage furniture and painting from then on.

What type furniture can be found in your shop and how do you make them your own?

I’ve got furniture from a variety of different periods. [There are] pieces over a 100 years old [as well as more] modern pieces, but it’s one collected look, everything is painted and my style is to antique and distress all of my furniture.

Everything is painted in Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint. The great thing about their paint is the clay additive. [It} makes painting so much easier but it also gives my pieces a more authentic aged look.

What makes vintage furniture so special?

My furniture pieces, to me, have more character. It’s hand painted and furniture [that was]made a long ago, it has a lot more details. Having painted vintage furniture makes a home feel more cozy, [it gives it]warmth. It makes a home feel more like home.

What sets your shop apart from others?

I feel like after painting furniture for so long I’ve developed a unique style, my customers recognize it. I cater to a very specific group. Everything in my shop is hand selected by me and I believe my customers come to me because they love the style and the authenticity. I [also] hand paint all of [the] furniture myself which is different than other shops where normally [you find a mix of] different vendors and different styles.


Your shop features a lot of locally made products. Who do you feature and why?

I have selected a group of vendors that I have used myself or really love, [and I choose local because] my customers love to hear who made [the products they are buying]. It gives them a connection to the product.

Katy from Of Milk and Honey makes the best honey I have ever tasted and she makes great bath and body products from her honey too. Leann from Heartstrings Props makes the best hats with her own pom poms too! I own a few pairs. Christina from Infused Gourmet Co. has the best infused olive oils and vinegars her products have changed the way I cook. I have Sam of Lost Found Design doing a pop up shop in the store. I love her products because she sources from small businesses that she loves. [The shop also features] Juliana from Elderberry Hollow who makes unique and beautiful jewelry

What is your favorite part about owning a business and interacting with customers?

My favorite thing about my business is probably working the storefront. I love seeing my regulars and meeting new customers. Being a business owner is so freeing. Even though I work all the time I don’t feel like I’m working. I get to curate the shop, decide the vendors and it’s been so much fun creating and meeting people. I love seeing my customers return and tell me how happy they are with the candles or with their furniture, it pushes me to do better.

What is it like being a part of Country Village Shops?

It has been a dream of mine since I first saw it 10 years ago. It’s kind of surreal that I have a shop here. The owners are the nicest people and they dreamed up a shopping center like no other. The buildings are unique and everything is so charming. My neighbors are also really amazing and supportive like Haley’s Cottage, Town Hall Antiques, Scout 829 and Fawn. They are my favorite stores to shop at and its fun being able to recommend them to customers.

You can find out more about The Vintage Company No. 7 at

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