Best Drive-In Restaurant, 2017

Zeke’s Drive-In, Gold Bar

Zeke’s is not only a Snohomish County staple, it is a Northwest Washington one. If you have never heard of it or been, then you must be living under a rock. The drive-in has won numerous best of awards and has been serving up burgers, shakes, and more for 50 years. That is some serious staying power for a local family owned business. So what makes Zeke’s so popular?

The food is good, slightly above average for a local drive-in (I’ve eaten at over 15 in Snohomish County, so I’m a bit of an expert when it comes to them). It’s menu has stayed the same from the beginning. The shakes are delicous and come in around 25 different flavors. I am partial to the peppermint. I get the feeling that it is not necessarily the food that sets Zeke’s apart from drive-in’s across Western Washington though.

Their location plays a huge role in their popularity. It is located along Highway 2 and is the last good food to be found alongside the highway between Gold Bar and Stevens Pass. I have to admit that, thanks to my work, I don’t leave Snohomish County often, but it is still a go to spot for me whenever I am taking photos in the area.

I’ts location makes it not only a go to place, but one that is full of memories and known from generation to generation. It was a stop for my parents and I when I was a child. I’m sure many could say the same. Memories also just happen to make Zeke’s the one place my grandmother and I can agree on eating at. She is constantly trying to get me to take her to chain restaurants, but this place stands out amongst her increasingly fadng memory. If you knew her, you’d know that is one heck of a lasting impression.

If you haven’t been, give it a try. The drive, views, and food are worth it, as are the memories you will make. What would I recommend? I’mpartial to their BBQ cheeseburger, but be sure to add bacon. Their hot dogs are good size as well, and their bacon & cheese one is delicious (it’s our adventure pup Mrs. Everly’s favorite. As for the shakes, all of them are delicious. Step outside your comfort zone and try a new flavor, you might be surprised.

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  1. Chris

    Zeke’s is our family’s favorite dinner spot on our way home to Leavenworth. Two words: Elk Burger!

  2. Cheryl

    Best Burger Stop I know of well worth the drive !


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