Best OUtdoor Adventures, 2017

Canopy Tours NW, Camano Island

I want you to close your eyes for a second and imagine yourself soaring through the air, feeling weightless for second after second as a beautiful forest of tall trees and plant life passes by. Take in the peacefulness and serenity of the moment then open your eyes. While these imaginings and feelings are not found in your day to day life (unless you are one of those luckyfull time landscape photographers, adventure guides, or on most weekends me), they are an experience that has been made possible by the folks at  Canopy Tours NW on Camano Island.

Surroundings are everything when it comes to this local adventure. As you begin your final approach to the 234 acre Kristoferson Farm be sure to take in the beauty of it, from its lake and sprawling open fields, to the towering trees that surround it. I won’t take you into those just yet. Instead we begin our journey at a big red barn where you will meet your tour guides, get all geared up, and climb into their trusty old school 1963 Unimog. While your ride in it may be short and sweet (or do I mean bumpy), it is an experience in and of itself and adds to the fun and wilderness feel of your adventure. It’s almost as if you are transported to a different world as you enter those towering trees.

Upon reaching the first of six lines you will climb back out, say goodbye to the Unimog, and ascend to into the trees for a two hour plus zipline adventure that will take you over the underbrush, through the trees, and back to the start (or the top of a very tall tree, we’ll get into how you get down from that later).

Now, ziplining is an experience that can’t really be described, it has to be experienced, so I’m not even going to try here. You have to experience it for yourself, or for the next best thing check out a video of our entire adventure at the bottom of this post or HERE.  Not to worry though, there is plenty more to learn and discover beyond soaring through the air, starting with the answers to some of your, and my most burning questions.

First off, I’m a big girl, so ziplining usually isn’t an option. That was not an issue at all with Canopy Tours who accommodates guests up to 300 pounds (well above other opportunities in the state and beyond). So as long as you are under the weight limit and are willing to brave the scale before gearing up, you are good to go. Second, for many first timers, heights and speed might be a worry. Heights were for me as I seem to be developing a bit of vertigo in my increasing age (insert eye roll here). I am happy to report that there is nothing to fear.

Canopy Tours has put together its six lines in a way that allows you to gradually increase in height, length, and speed, so that by the time you reach the two longest and fastest lines at the end, you are a relaxed semi-pro. Not only that, you won’t want the adventure to end. I will say my 9 year old was a bit scared our first trip there (some of the faces made were priceless), but she still had a blast and was totally on board for our second trip and even felt comfortable enough to let go and put her arms out on the last line. We would all happily return week after week, if only I could make the budget include that.

Zipping and all those things aside, there is far more to the experience, starting with the tour guides who not only do an amazing job of explaining what to do and what will happen, but are full of jokes along the way. Have to brag a bit because our first time my kiddos and I were flown through the air by a guide who used to make Tinkerbell soar through the air at Disneyland. Far cooler was the opportunity to have loveable and silly tour guide Adrian on not one but both of our trips. He was beyond awesome, gave info and tips along the way that improved the experience and made everyone more comfortable, and more importantly kept the fun going between lines. If you happy to get him on your trip, you are in for a treat.

Beyond that, I have to circle back to the surroundings. The forest found at the Kristoferson Farm is breathtaking, full of towering Douglas Fir and lots of other trees, plants, and wildlife (you might just run across a deer or coyote if you are lucky).  All of it is prominently featured with cool info at interpretive displays awaiting you on many of the platforms. Not only that you get to experience it both in the air and on the ground as you hike between some of

the lines. It is an experience in and of itself and I would personally kill to be able to hike through more of the forest there (who does a gal gotta talk with to make that happen).

We had a blast both times we went and I highly recommend giving Canopy Tours NW a try. From the surroundings and ziplining, to the hiking, log bridge (try to catch the hint on how to not look silly walking across it in the video, but don’t tell the rest of your group), and gradual 47 foot decent by rope at the end, it will be an experience that you and your family or friends will never forget. More importantly it is an adventure for your kiddos and the most awesome kind of quality time you could possibly spend with them.

To find out more  about Canopy Tours NWor book your trip, visit: 

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