Best Cookies &  Beyond, 2017

Jenny Cookies, Lake Stevens

When Jenny Cookies Bake Shop opened in Lake Stevens just over a year ago, I was beyond excited. I’m a resident in the city, and good local businesses have been hard to come by there. That is a fact that has slowly began to change since Jenny opened her doors. Whether her sugar cookie and frosting goodness had anything to do with that, I couldn’t say. It certainly didn’t hurt having such a big name open up shop though.

The Bake Shop offers more than just sugar cookies though, you can also find cakes, cupcakes, pie cookies and more, all looking beautiful and delicious behind the glass. I wish I could say that it is a regular indulgence for our family. It’s a bit too pricy for that, but it is frequently a special treat and a bit of comfort food on bad days. Jenny’s cookies can make anything better. Or maybe its the frosting, I do love frosting, and hers definitely has that something special about it. Thankfully a bit of that something special is shared in her book Eat More Dessert so that we can enjoy it at home.

If you haven’t noticed, I love to bake, a lot. Jenny’s book is full of inspiration, not only for baking, but for decorating as well. It is perfect for a beginner as it uses premade mixes for the base of its recipes. I can’t eat store bought mixes, but I’ve still found a thing or two in its pages. Mostly it is frosting goals, a skill that I’m still working on, particularly when it comes to cakes.

If you find yourself in our little City on the Lake, be sure to stop by and try a cookie or two, and at least one cupcake. You won’t be disappointed. You can also also order cookies and cakes online. Just stop by their website at:

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