Best American Cuisine, 2017

Scott’s Bar & Grill, Edmonds

Edmonds is home to so many amazing restaurants, it makes me wish I lived there. Maybe it’s best I didn’t though, would probably be eating out every night until I couldn’t fit through their doors anymore. Scott’s Bar and Grill is no exception. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is probably because it is located outside of the downtown area, on Lake Ballinger Way.

My favorite thing about Scott’s has to be their local attitude. They aren’t just a locally owned restaurant, they are one that sources it produce, meats, and desserts locally. Those desserts are delicious by the way. The SnoCo Kid and I shared this amazing chocolate and peppermint goodie thanks to a recommendation from our waiter, and were in heaven. It is a holiday special, so time is running out to enjoy it. Trust me, you want to. Enough about the dessert though, we were talking local. You can also find local wines, beers, and spirts as well. How awesome is that.

Moving on to the menu, it has a mix of American cuisine, obviously. You will find steak and burgers, plus seafood (it is an Edmond’s restaurant after all). I’m a burger gal, so I went with their Classic Cheeseburger. While it wasn’t the best I’d ever had, it was good and worth a try. The fries were better, and my potato loving daughter was loving them, as well as their breakfast potatoes.

Beyond the menu, the service is amazing. Our waiter was friendly, and we got our food fairly quickly considering how big of a restaurant it is and how busy it was. Those things alone are enough of a reason to give it a try if you are out and about in Edmonds.

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