It’s a Wrap – V Day Edition

Three Poppy Paper Co, Snohomish

When The SnoCo Kid and I set out to paint our own Christmas wrapping paper, we had no idea the reaction that it would get. All of the local makers and businesses that received one of our special gifts loved the paper as much they loved the gift. Our kraft paper with custom designs that matched them were a hit.

It just goes to show how much even the littlest of details can mean so much when it comes to gift giving. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, that is something to keep in mind, and I’ve got just the solution for you to make your Valentine’s gift really pop.

Hand drawn greeting cards and wrapping paper are a growing trend, and we are fortunate to have a few local artists creating them right here in Snohomish County. Why buy them? Well for starters, they are unique and high quality. You won’t find anything like them at your local chain store. Not even close.

The best part about them though, they are FUN. You read right, fun. Amongst locally made options you will find some that are a bit naughty, some that are a lettering free for all, and others that are just sweet, simple, and make you want to smile when you see them.

Three Poppy Paper Co. creates greeting cards and wrapping paper that fall into the later category for all occasions including, you guessed it, Valentine’s Day. I got the chance to sit down with owner Amanda to check some of her designs out and learn more about her business. I of course had to start out with my favorite question for any artist, what inspires them . . .

“Just what I’m around. I’m around my kids all day. It might not show up in everything I do, but I sort of like the absurd and imaginary things. I basically just draw what I see every day, simple stuff.”

Amanda has been creating the simple stuff since 2016 after becoming a stay at home mom. How did she get into it? It turns out she’s always been a bit artsy, bouncing back and forth between doodling and painting. Getting back into it gave her something to do in between mom duties, and even gave her the chance to feel like a bit of a kid herself.

Creating greeting cards was the perfect choice. They are a lost art that is making a comeback. With so much junk clogging up our mailboxes and all actual communications being handled through a computer or phone screen, getting something fun and personal in the mail is a welcome surprise. I have been the recipient of several such cards over the last few months and have absolutely loved it. I think they are the only pieces of mail I’ve bothered to open.

Amanda couldn’t agree more . . .

“I feel like [things are] starting to trend in the opposite direction. People are starting to send cards more because people miss it, getting real mail. It’s a much more intimate experience when you get a card or letter in the mail. It is so fun. It is like a surprise when you go to the mailbox.”

It’s more than that though. She doesn’t just want the recipient to have an experience, she wants the sender to as well. Why should they miss out on the fun?

“I want [my customers] to feel like they are opening a present. That it is something they are excited to write in and send to a friend. I want them to feel like a kid, and be like, oh this is so exciting. I want them to freak out.”

I can definitely attest to that being the feeling you have when buying greeting cards from local artists. The ones I’ve received have inspired me to start sending some of my own. I’ve just started collecting them, even when I don’t have someone in mind to receive them. I already have three ready to go out next Christmas, and its a year away, it’s crazy.

Why buy them then? I feel like I’m getting something too, I get to see it first and create something with it, something I know is going to make someone smile, laugh, or even cry, before I even send it out. It’s an amazing feeling. Cards have also been an outlet for me to say emotional things that are difficult to say face to face, including how amazing and inspirational others have been to me on my journey.

I love when an artist and maker is in it for the right reasons, and Amanda definitely is. Her cards are simple and fun, they encourage both senders and receivers to send real mail again, and their matching wrapping paper designs finally give me a local option for wrapping gifts, not that I don’t love painting them, it just takes a really long time, and this gal is busy.

You can check out available card and wrapping paper options at If fine art is more your thing, you can catch her prints through A. Adams Fine Art at

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