The New Kid on the Block

Chic Boatique, Snohomish

Don’t let the name fool you. The Chic Boatique is by no means new, in fact it just so happens to be celebrating its 3rd anniversary this month. That’s a big milestone for a local small business, and it is one that has been well earned.

If you are not familiar with the shop, then you are probably asking yourself if I made a typo. Nope, I did not. It is Boatique, not Boutique. Why? We have to go back three years for the answer to that. That is when, after 21 years in retail, owner Jenn decided to open her very own shop in a 70 square foot tugboat at the Country Village Shops in Bothell. Yes, a boat.

“When I started out on the little tugboat I carried mainly my jewelry collection, items made by my parents and merchandise and products made by friends I’ve met at Farmers Markets over the years. Because the Boat was so small, I knew that I had to design a space that was merchandised off the walls,” – Jenn

Despite outgrowing that little tugboat, that same design has followed her, appearing in both her much larger Country Village shop and now her brand new shop on 1st Street in Snohomish.

In case you are feeling like you read that wrong, you didn’t. The Chic Boatique opened a second location right in the heart of Historic Downtown Snohomish less than two months ago and it is AMAZING. From the character of the old building to the displays created Jenn, you won’t find a more beautiful shop anywhere on first street.

Size isn’t the only growth that The Chic Boatique has experienced over the last three years, its product lines have grown as well. You can still find Jenn’s fabulous jewelry of course, and even more locally made goodies, including Little Boot Peep, Coco Jewels, Sage on the Mountain, and Clutch Handbags.

If you are having a hard time keeping up, let me break it down for you. You will find beauty and bath & body products, candles, bags of all sizes and kinds, hats, scarves, accessories, and more. Almost anything you could possibly want, all in one shop.

One of the most important things being trendy clothing in all sizes. That has to be my favorite thing about the shop, it is one of only a very small few shops to carry plus size clothing. It is not easy to shop local when you are a big gal like me, but Jenn always has me covered, literally.

Jenn’s sense of style is undeniable, and it shines brightest when it comes to her own creations.

“I’ve always been a creator. I grew up making my own fun Jewelry, sewing my own clothes for school and making gifts. I’ve always made jewelry as a hobby while working. I get inspired by trends, but I also like to keep things simple and clean…(Chic). Wire Wrapping and working with metals is my favorite jewelry making technique. I have no patience for beading, so you wont see much of that in my collection. I also love hammering and texturizing.” – Jenn

I have to admit, I didn’t even realize that Jenn was a jewelry designer until this last year when I started to visit her Bothell shop more and more. Don’t get me wrong, I saw jewelry popping up over an over in her social media feeds, but it wasn’t until I actually saw her creating right in front of my eyes that I figured it out.

Once I did, I began what has been a constant battle of seeing her post something I absolutely love and trying to make it out to Bothell in time to snatch it up before someone else does. I’ve been unsuccessful in doing so, but I’m thinking her new Snohomish location is going to be a game changer for me. It is so much closer, and I am loving it.

I’m happy to say that I did get my hand on one of the hand stamped PNW necklaces pictured. Whether I get my hands on what I’m after or not though, it is always something special to catch Jenn creating pieces at her little table or picking out gems, rocks, and other goodies for her pieces when suppliers stop by.

Her attention to detail and selection of only the best for her jewelry and shop,is a big part of what makes it not only a success, but a must try. She really does go above and beyond to ensure that what you find in her shop is unique, that you won’t find it at any other shop in town.

Did I mention that the chance to hang out with Jenn is another reason to stop by her shop, cause it is. She is one of the nicest and funnest people you will ever meet. Better still, she really takes the time to get to know her customers and what they like.

“The best part about owning my own shop is the connections I make and building relationships with each and every one of my customers. Some of my customers have really turned into wonderful friends. It’s always exciting when someone comes in and asks me if I know a certain person and what would they like as a gift. I love knowing the answers to these questions.” – Jenn

I wonder if Jenn would know what I would like if asked, I bet she would. After all, I am honored to consider her not just as someone who keeps me looking stylish, but as a friend. She is an amazing individual and business owner, one that is more than deserving of not only surviving the three year hump, but many more years to come.

She better be around for them too, because I would seriously have little to no local clothing options without Jenn, and one of these days, I really do hope to get my hands on the perfect piece of jewelry made by her. One of these days it will happen, if all of you don’t beat me to it first that is.

You can pick The Chic Boatique’s Bothell location, or its Snohomish one, but pick one, and stop in to check it out. You won’t regret it.

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