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Debi Bock’s Vintage Lilli, Snohomish

When it came to featuring a florist for Valentine’s Day, Debi Bock was a shoo in. I have seen her beautiful floral arrangements time and time again on Facebook and Instagram. They are colorful, unique, and fun creations that you can’t just scroll past, you have to stop and look.

After sitting down to interview her, however, I realized that I had stumbled upon something far different than a Valentine’s Day feature. You see, Debi isn’t your typical florist. Her arrangements come from nature and her own backyard, she is a forager, and it is a practice that she encourages others to try.

“I try to teach people that we live in an area that is stunningly beautiful. At any time of the year you can go outside, you can forage, you can gather moss, branches, foliage, and flowers that are in season and use them to create something.

The question that I’ve always asked myself, and at my workshops, is what do you have in your hand. So, if you don’t have a dime to your name on a certain day, and you want to make a centerpiece, think outside of the box. What is it that you have in your hand? It will force you outside.” – Debi

The more Debi went on to tell me about foraging, the more I realized just how much I use the same concepts in my own life. When it comes to cooking meals and baking goodies, we use what is in season, what comes in our weekly CSA box, what makes a simple recipe into something special.

Not only that, my work with Live the SnoCo Life is a bit like foraging. I have to scour local cities and shops for article ideas and products for spreads. Believe me, finding local options is not always easy, most aren’t on the map, but I’ve made it my life and I’d like to think I’m fairly good at it.

With all of that in mind, I decided to challenge myself to forage for my own centerpiece. Taking some of Debi’s advice, I skipped the craft shop when it came to the base and I went green, really green. More importantly, I didn’t spend a dollar on it. Not one single cent.

Our foraging grounds were the Mountain Loop Highway outside of Granite Falls. We found branches and moss, but we also picked ferns and leafy plants. Our base was none other than a fallen piece of a tree. It was still missing something though,had lots of green, but no florals, no colors.

When we got home, we took to the backyard, finding an odd plant that we had never seen before. I may not be entirely sure what it is, and it may be nothing more than a common weed, but it sure added a pop of purple and yellow to our piece. It’s not some big fancy floral arrangement, but we sure had fun creating it and it looked beautiful.

Hopefully foraged florals won’t be the only thing Debi helps us decorate our home with this spring. Each year she hosts the Primevera Market, an event offering authentic vintage furniture and decor. I couldn’t be happier. The more I grow to love vintage, the more I notice the difference between things that are old, and ones that are just made to look old.

“I think that authentically old things, with their natural patina and age showing through, are what give a home its soul. You can buy things you love from Pottery Barn, and your house will look pretty, but it will look like Pottery Barn, not something unique, your own.” – Debi

 You won’t find Pottery Barn decor at the Primevera Market, but you will find lots of one of a kind pieces that will make your home truly unique, not to mention the envy of your friends. Each piece has been lovingly … foraged by vendors that Debi hand selects

“The vendors, I have had relationships with these people for a long time, we are sort of like a tribe. We love each other. It will be like a vintage party. Everyone has their own personal style, and brings something unique to them to the market. They gather for it.” – Debi

That isn’t the only thing you will find there. Debi is also bringing back her famous $5 honor box. If you aren’t familiar, it is a unmanned display of beautiful Debi’s beautiful bouquets in vintage containers that visitors can pick from and pay by putting money into the honor box. How cool is that?

I for one can’t wait to not only forage for more florals for my home, but to forage for some of Debi’s bouquets and the authentic vintage finds available at the market this March. Hope to see you there!

Follow along with Debi Bock’s Vintage Lilli on Facebook HERE and don’t forget to check out the Primavera Market event page HERE. More importantly, don’t forget to attend March 23rd and 24th at Dairyland in Snohomish.

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  1. Angela Kuhn

    You best post yet. Where do I begin? I’ve always been resourceful, but Debi (and you!) raise the bar! You both inspire me.

  2. Linda Poole

    Can you do flowers for a wedding?


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