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Coyote Moon Arts, Bothell

Art is many things. It is a creative outlet for expressing yourself. It is a way of communicating what you are experiencing, feeling, or seeing in the world around you. It can be a career or done just for fun. For many, like Beth Francois of Coyote Moon Arts, it can be all of those things, as well as a form of healing.

Beth discovered art at a young age and her love for it has played a role throughout her life, whether it is art journaling, education, or appreciating the artists around her. Like many though, she found herself drifting away from creating as she got older. She got busy with work, life, and home.

Painting became something she was putting off until a later day. She would become an artist once all of those other demands fell away, it was her retirement plan. Then, without warning, those plans changed. Beth found herself facing a health struggle that had the potential of impairing her eyesight over time.

It was a threat to not only her ability to appreciate the art of others, but to creating it as well. It was a difficult thing to process, to accept, but it was also a wake up call. Art couldn’t wait until a later day, it wouldn’t.

Instead of giving in and giving up, Beth leaned into art, she became what she was always destined to be, an artist. Her days became filled with taking in not only the art and creativity surround her, but the world as well. She saw everything in a new light and found herself inspired.

Through Coyote Moon Arts, Beth has put that inspiration to canvas, using paint, colored pencils, ink, and more to create the world as she sees it. In her pieces you will find bits and pieces of nature and everyday life, things we often taken for granted. She takes those things and recreates them in fun and whimsical ways.

As a photographer, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that my favorite part of Beth’s work is her use of color. Every piece is vibrant and full of life. That is something that took on a whole new meaning after hearing the health struggles she was facing.

That is a story for another day though, a day when Beth is ready to tell it in her own way. Until then, I look forward to continuing to watch her journey to healing and the beautiful artwork she creates a long the way. More importantly, I look forward to watching how Beth continues to grow as a driving force in the Bothell and Snohomish County art community.

That’s right, Beth is more than just an artist. She is also the administrator of not one, but two, Facebook groups for local artists. The North Sound Artist Collective provides support to artists across Snohomish County, while the Bothell Arts Community serves the Bothell (of course), Kenmore, and Mill Creek areas.

Both groups are dedicated to allowing local artists to network with each other, discover opportunities, and share resources, ideas, and more. Best part, it is all free. You read right, FREE. There are even opportunities to showcase your work at events hosted by the groups. If you are an artist, what are you waiting for, hop over to Facebook and join.

Whether you are an artist or not, be sure to follow Coyote Moon Arts website and social media accounts. Now is the perfect time to do both. Her website not only showcases her work, but offers a blog that is growing, offering opportunities to learn about art journaling, growing as a person and artist, and more.

As for social media, Beth will be participating in a 30 in 30 challenge (that’s 30 paintings in 30 days) and sharing it with all of us. I’ve been meaning to do something similar with my photography, so I can’t wait to see what she creates each day. Maybe I’ll get some inspiration for my own challenge.

Beth isn’t the only one challenging herself in 2018. I think a lot of us are doing the same, especially when it comes to living in the moment and enjoying life and our surroundings. So, just maybe, you might find some inspiration from her as well. What are you waiting for?

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    Thanks for featuring one of the kindest and most giving persons I know.


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