March  Q&A  Giveaway

What is your favorite green food or product?

Think local, get double entry!

To respond, fill out a comment below

Three random responses will be drawn on Monday, March 26th,

Winners will get candles from our product partnership with local maker Vivid Experience of Marysville:

Mimosa Days (Grapefruit + Jasmine) & Backroad Nights (Manly/Rustic Scent)

1st Prize: Three Month Trial of LSCL, Print Edition + 2 Candles

2nd Prize: 2 Candles

3rd Prize: Choice of 1 Candle

Stay tuned, these candles will be releasing on our online shop by the end of the month

Let us know what you think! Share your comments and experiences below and don’t forget to spread the love on social media at the bottom of the page.


  1. Terry gould

    I love broccoli. Oh, and mint chocolate chip ice cream 🙃

    • JUDI Ramsey

      Tie, green peppers and cucumbers!

  2. Alexis

    Green Toys for my son!

  3. Sarah Warden

    Broccoli is my favorite green food , and mint flavored things , yum! I also love spruce or pine scented wax melts. I’ve tried Vivid Experiences was melts in pumpkin spice and loved them ! They’re really great quality and fragrance! I got them at a shop in Snohomish that sells only local items .

  4. judith

    kale all the way! and any sprouts

  5. melanie huttner

    My favorite green food would have to be brussels sprouts! I love getting them from our local farmer’s market.

  6. Melissa Hedgcoth

    Definitely a tie between green peppers and asparagus

  7. Lindsey

    The green key lime pie from Snohomish pie co. So good!

  8. Michelle Bernath

    Definitely asparagus! Especially if the 112th Street Diner makes it into their amazing Cream of Asparagus Soup!!

  9. Barbara

    Jamba Juice, Amazing Greens Smoothie!

  10. Sydney m

    Rainbow chard, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts!

  11. Melissa

    I love artichokes, brussel sprouts and asparagus!

  12. Frances Turner

    Infused Gourmet BASIL infused olive oil!! So good on salad and in pasta!

  13. Paula

    I am a big zucchini fan.

  14. Julie

    Green products to me are things that are reusable and/or made from items that may otherwise be tossed aside. I loooove my reusable bags – I carry one with me everywhere – especially when shopping small. I know how much money goes into packaging and feel good declining it when I can. #motherearth


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