Turning Over An Old Leaf

Tea With Your Dragon, Stanwood

Tea leaves have been keeping individuals healthy and caffienated for well over 10 centuries now. It is a trend that started in Asia and spread west to Europe, then on to the emerging American colonies. As it spread, its use was somewhat lessened. It has never had quite the following in America that it has had on the other side of the world (we are more of a coffee people), but that is something that is slowly changing.

Why? First off, Americans are becoming more health conscious. They are turning to natural and herbal alternatives at increasing rates. Second, the number of tea shops in America, including Snohomish County, is on the rise. Within them you can find hundreds of different blends, carefully crafted to satisfy different tastes and needs. Selecting a tea has become an adventure, and drinking it has become far more than a stuffy tradition.

Leading the tea revolution in Snohomish County’s north end is Tea With Your Dragon of Stanwood. It is a shop that transports you back in time, combining tea blends with other ancient tools for promoting health, wellness, and finding your inner dragon.

“The idea behind the name is to face your fears, take charge of your life and health. When it comes time to sort out a life issue, Gramma would say “It’s time to sit down and have tea with your dragon.” – Tori

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the idea of having this inner part of you that you can call on for strength and courage in the face of problems, fear, anxiety, and more is pretty awesome. I like to think of SnoCo Gal as mine.

If she is mine, then I am all for finding ways to support and connect with her. She’s my inner badass, and I want her to stay that way, even if it means learning to love tea. I haven’t exactly been a fan in the past, but that was because I was working with the limited selection of tea and flavors you find on grocery store shelves.

That is not the tea that you will find at Tea With Your Dragon or other local tea shops. There’s no rigid boxes filled with tea bags there. Instead you are greeted with a wall of glass jars, each showing off the colorful and textured blends and ingredients contained within. It truly is a sight to see, and it is fun exploring the names, contents, and benefits of each. If you can’t decide, or don’t find what you are looking at, Tori has got you covered, allowing you the opportunity to create your own custom blends.

What blend did I choose while there? I’ve become a big fan of Chai recently (I’m a Chai Tea Latte junkie), and black tea based blends are as far as I’ve delved to date, so I selected along those lines. My blend of choice:What blend did I choose while there? I’ve become a big fan of Chai recently (I’m a Chai Tea Latte junkie), and black tea based blends are as far as I’ve delved to date, so I selected along those lines. My blend of choice: Starry Night  > Black Tea> Orange Peel> Cranberry> Ginger> Clove> Cinnamon> Calendula

Not only am I fan of many of these flavors, but I’m also a fan of the benefits from drinking this blend as well. The antioxidants and immune system boosting elements are just the thing for my health issues, and the caffeine is a nice too, of course.

Beyond tea, there is much to be found at Tea With Your Dragon. There is a wide assortment of rocks, crystals, and gems, all things The SnoCo Kid loves (she is a collector). They aren’t really there for collecting though. Many believe that  they can produce different forms of energy and healing. With her love of rocks, and my never ending curiosity to learn new things, I get the feeling this is something we will be exploring soon enough. 

On its shelves you will also find a variety of DIY and finished products. From more jars, filled with various clays for beauty purposes and essential oils to sage for burning and gadgets and tools for ejoying or creating your own bagless tea blends. More importantly, you will find some locally made goodies, like honey from Cats Paw Bees of Camano Island, jewelry, candles, soap, and more.

Tea With Your Dragon isn’t just a place to shop though. It is also a place to gather, to learn, to experience, and to simply sit down and quietly enjoy a cup of tea alone or with family and friends. It’s like a coffee shop, for tea. How cool is that?

From the occasional live music to tea parties (the good kind), and classes, there is a bit of something for everyone. You can stop in and learn about aromatherapy, plants, creating tea blends and herbal remedies, or about rocks and gems. There are also readings and other experiences. Be sure to follow along with Tea With Your Dragon on Facebook to learn about available events and opportunities.

It really is a cool shop, bringing together both the modern evolution of tea blends, and an old world feel and focus on alternatives to healing and wellness that have been around for centuries. Tea drinker or not, it is worth it to stop in and check it out, and if you aren’t one, you might just find yourself converted over to the dragon side like I have been.

I will be back on one of my many trips out to Stanwood or Camano Island, that’s for sure. Maybe the next time around I will work with Tori on creating my own custom blend. I wonder what it will be!

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