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Silvana, Washington

It may come as a shock that just a few short weeks ago, this gal had no idea that Silvana was located in Snohomish County. Yep, it’s right here in our own backyard, and thanks to a traffic jam on I5, I finally got to discover it. Not only that, The SnoCo Kid and I found our own little treasure while there.

If you are scratching your head right now and wondering where the heck Silvana is, it is a small suburb of Arlington located along the Pioneer Highway between it and Stanwood. There is not a lot to it. For the most part it is just a small strip right along on the highway, but what is there is more than worth a visit. The drive isn’t too shabby either.

It is home to delicious eats, yummy blueberries, farm fresh meat, and a second hand store that might just hold a treasure if you look hard enough. More importantly it is home to some of the nicest folks you will meet. It is the kind of place where everyone knows and supports each other, where you feel at home no matter how far away you are from yours.

Beyond the local businesses (more about them soon), there are lots of things to see in Silvana and I can’t wait to go back and explore some more. Here’s a peek at what we found while we were there.

As you get out of your car and walk down that small strip you will find an old school bell proudly on display alongside a beautiful mural. In an alley way, you will find an old tattered flag, framed and hanging in honor of soldiers who have lost their lives, alongside messages that folks have written over the years. Beyond that still, old building after old building, giving the little town, city, whatever it is, a lot of character.

If you are lucky and happen to stop by on an eventual day like we did, you might just walk away with more than a full belly and syrup for the next weekends pancakes. You see, this is where that treasure that I spoke of comes in.

As The SnoCo Kid and I made our way through an artists estate sale that just happened to take place that weekend and stumbled upon a box full of old art and engineer tools stored in a box made for no other reason, but to hold them. We picked all of it up for no more than $30, a shocking price to us considering the contents (mostly in original boxes) and the time, effort, and love that clearly went into the collection.

The businesses we found and learned about were a bit of a treasure as well …

Willow & Jim’s Country Cafe

Our first stop was Silvana’s one and only restaurant, a cozy cafe containing a hodgepodge of old tables and chairs, an antique stove, and an interior far older than what the obviously remodeled exterior would have you believe.

We of course opted for breakfast, and enjoyed every bite of our very meaty omelette and large pancake (characteristic of all small town cafes). Even Miss Everly got in on the action, receiving two giant sausage patties as we made our way back to the car in order to move on to the next stop.

Five and Dime Thrift Shop

Next up was a second hand shop that was a mix of old and not so old decor, clothing, and more. There was A LOT of stuff for your kitchen and I picked up some vintage mini baking pans (although I have no idea what I’ve done them, one more thing for the to do list)

The best part about this shop is that sales benefit, Sherwood Community Services, a local nonprofit in the community of Lake Stevens . So, not only can you find something cool, but you can help others at the same time.

Hazel Blue Acres

This is one we did not get a chance to visit, but luckily for us, we know someone who has plenty of times. Tina of Reclaimed Heart in Arlington has nothing but good things to say about this local blueberry and hazelnut farm, she even carries their syrup and jam.

Just because we didn’t stop, that doesn’t mean we won’t be back though, especially once blueberry season is upon us. I can’t wait to try some fresh ones and to take one of their frequent cooking demos.

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  1. CInde

    Looks like a charming little town, I had no idea it was so close! Looking forward to exploring it soon.😊

  2. Cindy Sather chaves

    Thank you for finding & sharing Silvana, WA. My ancestors helped to pioneer the area, it is beloved & cherished! Don’t miss the Silvana Fair, last Saturday of July each year.


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