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Coco Jewels, Everett

My first run in with Julie Shelton of Coco Jewels was almost a year and a half ago when I was taking photos for an event. I was beyond excited to find a bath & beauty product maker from Everett (local beauty products are hard to come by). I made a note of her name, started following her, but didn’t see her again or awhile.

Oddly, while I can’t remember things people have told me, or what day of the week it is half the time, I can remember what a maker looks like and who they are after seeing them only once. So, when I walked into a local boutique in Bothell, and saw Julie there helping out behind the counter, I knew who she was instantly and was beyond excited.

I finally got the chance to hang out with her and find out more about her business. Not only that, The second time around, I got to buy some of her amazing products, which I actually still have and use to this day. She’s changed her logo and packaging since then, so I like to joke with her that I own “vintage’ Coco Jewels. How many of her products do I own now? I think I’m officially up to four in my medicine cabinet.

Technically, it should have been five, but my puppy ate the lip scrub I picked up during the Bothell Farmers Market. If you’ve smelled her lip scrubs, you probably get why she ate it. For my face and body, I love to use Julie’s Chi After Shower Spray and Rosewater & Aloe Facial Toner to keep my skin clear and glowing. Thanks to Julie, I look good without even trying with just a few sprays.

I also use Julie’s products for my health and to keep up with my outdoorsy ways. I am a huge fan of her Relieving Peppermint Roller. It is great for headaches, stomach pain, and other kinds of pain. With my digestion problems and Fibromyalgia, it is an awesome natural way to feel a bit better. Then there is her Everything Balm. It is my go to product during the summer. My hands and feet get super dry, hard, and cracked with all of the hiking and camping we do, and her balm keeps them hydrated and soft.

As amazing as Julie’s products are, how well they work isn’t the only reason I buy her products. A big reason why I do is the message and mission behind them.

“Coco Jewels promotes [a] healthy body image and never creates products that are designed to change your body. [Instead], we focus on products that make you feel good and promote health and well being.”

I also buy them because, just like I want to know exactly what is going into my body when I eat, I want to know what is going on it. Everything in Julie’s products is natural and, more importantly, it is ethically sourced. Those are things that are both very important to her, as is using her products to promote things she cares about, like body love, supporting women, and whales (hence the whale tail on her logo).

It is amazing to see someone so new to the maker game putting that much passion and effort into what they are creating and the feeling they want their customers to get out of it. So how did Julie get into the bath & beauty product game?

“I got laid off in 2016. It was spring time, and I was just sitting there feeling like, what am I going to do with my life now. Your job is such a big part of your worth, and I didn’t know who I was without it. Then one day I had a Suzy Homemaker moment, went out into my backyard and picked leaves off my chocolate mint plant, and made a lip balm. I passed it out to my friends and that is how I got the ball rolling.”

Finding inspiration from online recipes and other crafters, she began experimenting with different ingredients and methods, coming up with ones that were uniquely her own. Those recipes are ones she holds onto close. I didn’t even get a peek at them. Fast forward two years and Coco Jewels now has around twelve different products, with multiple variations of each.

Julie creates everything from salts and bombs for your bath to sprays and scrubs for your body, and even therapeutic salves and rollers for your overall well being. While I haven’t gotten to try them all, I’m definitely working on it, and I can’t wait to see what Julie comes up with next, whether it is new products or ways to support the causes she cares so deeply about.

I bet you are wondering where you can pick up some Coco Jewels products for yourself now. Here you go:

Dahlia’s Vintage Marketplace, Camano Island
Weathered Wares, Whidbey Island
Online at

You can also find Coco Jewels Sunday 5/6/18 at the Warr-King Wines Sip & Shop event in Woodinville and Saturday 5/12/18 at the Mother Lovin’ Market at the Ken Baxter Community Center in Marysville. P.S. She will have customizable Mother’s Day gift sets for just $40.

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