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Glass Drinking Straw W/Cleaning Brush from DrinkingStraws.Glass of Granite Falls

Great way to reduce your single use plastics use!

Stay tuned, this local business will be featured this month as part of our May issue

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  1. Cinde

    I shop at my local Farmers Market for produce and bring my own reusable shopping bags.

  2. Tamara Stra

    We have replaced all our plastic Tupperware with glass, and I use reusable straws but have never tried the glass ones! We also try to get all our produce locally, upick farms are one of our favorite activities!

  3. Kerri

    We use reusable containers for everything, including my daughters school lunch. We recycle in our home as well as at work! I use reusable grocery backs as much as possible. We shop at local farms and markets for anything I can! I turn down bags at the store if it’s just a couple items I can carry “free-hand” We have a huge garden at home and keep chickens as well (Bring me your egg cartons!!!! Hahaha) One of the biggest things I do it I plan my trips so I hit all my stops in one car trip – Saves me fuel and lowers our foot print!

  4. Jessica

    I’m a big time recycler and I always have reusable shopping bags in my car!! The little things add up over time!

  5. Ruth Blair

    My local small business takes wooden items that others no longer want like tables, boxes, baskets, salad bowls and utensils and then refinish them for others to enjoy.

  6. Denise

    We recycle, including composting. On addition we reuse everything we can, i.e
    plastic grocery bags as small trash liners or dog poop bags, we don’t use straws when at restaurants, we use our own sacks for groceries, we keep any plastic tub from a grocery for storage, we reuse shipping boxes.

    • Denise

      Ah, and my husband, who is a carpenter, reused discarded items to make furniture!

  7. Connie

    I have always been a big recycler. Lately I’ve switched from plastic straws to paper ones. Our group Snohomish Rising is going to try to eliminate or cut down on straws in town. Always bring my reusable bags in for grocery shopping and just bought the mesh bags to use for produce. Have a garbage can at work to collect the cans instead of everyone tossing them in the garbage, etc etc

  8. Christina Audet-Joncich

    I recycle everything we have more recycling than reg garbage. And anything that I can reuse I do and I don’t throw away something that could go to a second hand store.

  9. Nikki

    I love coffee but i refuse to buy kpods. Since im a smaller household, it makes sense to use a single serve coffee maker, less water waste too, (I’ll also use my french press, for when i have a moment wjere I’m not rushed). I have reusable pods for my Keurig, which is great because i can buy the coffee i like cheaper. (AND i can support my local roaster, OPHC). But…i take it one step further: when im done with the used coffee grounds, i save them to use in my veggie garden!

  10. Jennifer Lindblom

    We recycle and use people friendly cleaning products and we plant bee-friendly flowers in our yard. I want to shop at the Farmers Market and always use reusable bags.

  11. Dotty

    We chose the lightest roof color available to reflect light. Always pick up trash we find and make sure to clean up after ourselves.

  12. Kellye

    I use fabric baggies for sandwich and snack bags, and have cotton bowl covers instead of plastic wrap or foil. Everything that can be recycled gets recycled, and we compost everything we can for our garden.

  13. Lisa

    Besides the basics, like using fabric shopping bags, using dry cleaner bags as recycle bags, reducing straw use, buying second hand as much as possible, recycling, food waste bins, electric lawn mower, and so forth, we also try to save Puget Sound (or whatever waters we are in) as we can.
    When we are out sailing, we make sure to pick up balloons out of Puget Sound when we find them. Balloons and their strings, especially the mylars, are terrible for our waters and wildlife. (I will not purchase a mylar or latex balloon again.) This also gives us the opportunity to practice “man overboard” drills at the same time! 🙂

  14. katherine

    Grow a garden! We purchase our supplies at the local co-op and nurseries!


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