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DrinkingStraws.Glass, Granite Falls

Seven years ago, Granite Falls residents Jeremy and Katti sat down and had an honest discussion about what they could do to help our environment. They didn’t just start recycling, using reusable grocery bags, and riding a bike to work like the rest of us do though. Instead, they decided to go much, much, bigger.

Their mission, to reduce the use of single use plastics throughout our country and the world. For those not familiar, single use plastics are things like the plastic bags used by grocery straws, straws served by restaurants and fast food chains, coffee stirrers, soda and water bottles, and most food packaging. They are all things that are generally used once and thrown away.

Hundreds of millions of each of these products are used across the world every single day, and roughly 10% of them are recycled. Single use plastics rarely are recyclable,. Worse, they are not biodegradable. They sit in landfills and make their way into our oceans and other bodies of water, only to eventually break down and release toxic chemicals into our food and water supply.

I don’t know about all of you, but that doesn’t sound like something I want to contribute to. So, what can you do about it? When it comes to plastic straw use, DrinkingStraws.Glass has got you covered with glass drinking straws that can be used over and over again.

“[Our] glass straws are very easy to use and maintain. They are dishwasher safe and come with a cleaning brush. We also make and sell carrying cases, which make them easy to take with you wherever you go. Having [an] alternative with you, and saying “no straws please” at eating/drinking establishments is a crucial step to plastic straw reduction.”

Before you can start making excuses for not using one . . . each glass straw is handmade by Jeremy and is super durable (only 6 of the thousands he has made have ever had to be replaced), the company offers a lifetime guaranty (so if you do break it, they replace it), carrying cases are available, and they come in multiple sizes so they can be used in almost any straw situation you find yourself in (regular, smoothie, bubble tea, cocktail).

Bottom line, the choice to use glass drinking straws is an easy one to make. They are a cheap and easy alternative way to do your part when it comes to protecting our environment and reducing single use plastic. More importantly, your support allows Jeremy and Katti to continue in their mission.

The pair do far more than just making glass straws and carrying cases to sell to all of you. They work hard to educate those that go to their website and meet with them at events on single use plastics and options for reducing use and saving the environment.

Not only that, they give away large numbers of their straws every year. While promoting their business is a nice benefit, that is not why they do it. They truly want to spread the word about reducing the use of single use plastics, and if they see someone that can benefit from that, they are more than happy to give them a straw.

Beyond their amazing straws, Jeremy and Kattie other things to help support the environment . . .

“We always try to have reusable shopping bags with us, as well as reusable produce bags that we make at home. Bulk shopping for foods and having our own reusable containers helps a lot. We also made some Beeswax Wraps so we can cut out plastic wrap completely. Family, Friends, and zero waste groups are great places to get new ideas for cutting out single use and other plastics.”

Reusable produce bags are definitely something I’m adding to my list of to do’s, I will also be putting the glass straws Jeremy and Kattie gave me to good use. I can’t wait to say “no straw” for the first time, and for the opportunity to tell others all about glass drinking straws when they see me using one.

DrinkingStraws.Glass are available at shops across the country. Find them locally at:

Clear Creek Candle, Darrington
Barbecue Bucket, Granite Falls
Espresso Loco, Granite Falls
Looking Glass Coffee, Snohomish
Pike Place Market, Seattle
Sno Isle Food Co-Op, Everett
Zero Waste Grocery, Snohomish

And of course on their website:

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  1. Cinde

    Great info here, I love those straws! Do you have a website link or streeet address for No Waste Grocery in Snohomish? I did an online search and couldn’t find anything. Thanks in advance. 🙂


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