The “Outdoors” Double Issue

Live the SnoCo Life cordially invites you to join us in not only celebrating the great outdoors in Snohomish County, but our 2nd Anniversary as well.

In the time since our website first went live on July 4th 2016 (heck even before it), we have explored so many amazing places and people to shop, eat, drink, and play local with. I have to say though, summer by far is my favorite time to do all four.

There is just something magical in the air. There’s farmers markets, walking around and shopping downtown city streets, enjoying ice cream local style, and of course getting outdoors and doing some camping, hiking, kayaking, zip lining, rafting, and all kinds of other awesome activities.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking … I have way more fun here then you do. You’re probably right, but with our magazine, you can get in on the fun too. Our upcoming issue in particular since it covers a whole lot of that stuff.

It is special for other reason two. For starters, it is our first semi-annual double issue, that means twice the content, all packed into 90+ pages of local goodness. Second, we are throwing in some special content to tie in with our July anniversary, cause who doesn’t like to celebrate. Third, we’ve got something new up our sleeve to help ensure that Live the SnoCo Life has a long future and can be filled with even more content.

Without further ado, here is a sneak peek of the June/July 2018 issue (“Magazine Exclusive” Articles & Content Noted):

Special Features

~ Get to know the ultimate hiker and dad, Rudy Giecek of the Cascade Hiker Podcast (Magazine Exclusive Article)

~ 13 page Burgers, Slices, and Quick Bites guide to the best local fast food alternatives in Snohomish County (Magazine Exclusive Article)

~ Anniversary feature looking back over the last two years and forward on what is to come (Magazine Exclusive Article)

Out + About Section

~ Bayside Bikes of Everett

~ SnoCo’s Most Walkable/Shoppable Cities (Magazine Exclusive Article)

~ 190 Sunset of Edmonds

~ Local Ice Cream & Froyo Guide (Magazine Exclusive Article)

~ Summer Cocktails From Skip Rock Distillers of Snohomish

~ Good Talk Josh Podcast of Arlington

~ Summer Event Guide (Magazine Exclusive Article)

~ Mountain Loop Highway Meet-Up (Magazine Exclusive Content)

aT hOME Section

~ Beach Glass House & Style of Mukilteo

~ Vivid Experience Candles of Marysville

~ Snohomish Hay & Cattle of Snohomish (Magazine Exclusive Article)

~ Perfect Summer Burger Recipe (Sno. H+C Beef) (Magazine Exclusive Article)

~ Snohomish County Farmer’s Markets

~ Rescue + Reuse + Repurpose to get some awesome camping gear (Magazine Exclusive Content)

Out + About Section

~ Mill Creek Town Center

~ Join us for our Third Annual Darrington Trip & Hike (Magazine Exclusive Article)

~ View From Here: Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America, Granite Falls

~ View From Here: 2 Years of SnoCo Kid Adventures (Magazine Exclusive Article)

~ Lime Kiln Trail, Granite Falls, Review

~ Beaver Lake Trail, Darrington, Review

~ SnoCo Gal Trail Guide (Magazine Exclusive Article)

~ NEW ~ Beyond Our Borders: Concrete, WA (Magazine Exclusive Content)

For You Section

~ Maple + Moss of Snohomish

~ Chic Boatique of Snohomish

~ Kayaking & Rafting With Adventure Cascades (Magazine Exclusive Article)

~ SnoCo Gal’s Local Summer Skincare Products

~ DIY Aloe Vera Beauty Project (Magazine Exclusive Content)

~ LSCL Rocks, how we are spreading the love about local

~ SnoCo Gal’s Summer 2018 Bucket List

June/July Magazine Subscriber Giveaway’s

Our June/July subscriber bag will include a $25 gift card to 190 Sunset, a bottle of spirits from Skip Rock Distillers, candle from Beach Glass House & Style, t-shirt from Maple + Moss Boutique, an outdoorsy inspired water bottle and necklace from Chic Boatique, and Rosewater & Aloe Facial Toner from Coco Jewels.

Now that you know what is inside … How and where will you be able to get all this goodness??? Here are your options:

~ Non-exclusive content for each category will continue to be posted and shared for FREE through our social media accounts and this website. Those posts and shares will be spread out throughout the month.

~ NEW ~ “Magazine Exclusive” articles ( will be available on a pay-to-view basis ($0.25) OR with a monthly online subscription for just $0.99 a month 

~ Get your hands on an ELECTRONIC PDF OR PRINT COPY  of the full magazine to see not only the entire month’s content all at once before everyone else, but “Magazine Exclusive” articles AND bonus content that won’t be shared on our website or social media including suggestions, recipes, DIY projects and more. A very limited number of printed copies are available at The Chic Boatique,  Artisans Mercantile, and Tried & True Boutique in Snohomish and Reclaimed Heart in Arlington, Vintage Company No. 7 in Bothell, Dahlia’s Vintage Marketplace on Camano Island, Rustic Redemption in Granite Falls, and Vintage & Rust in Monroe.


~ SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE ~ Better yet, become an annual electronic or print subscriber. You will not only get the double issue cheaper, but  discounted pricing on every single issue for the year, plus the chance to win a subscriber bag packed with goodies from each months issue ($150+ Value) and tickets to local experiences. Become a subscriber and save $2-$6 a month HERE. Use code “GET15OFF” from through 6/11/18 to save $15 on an annual subscription (that’s a year of our magazine for less than going out to dinner).

Let us know what you think! Share your comments and experiences below and don’t forget to spread the love on social media at the bottom of the page.


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