Don’t Get Caught Naked Without This Soap

Naked Butters & Bars, Lake Stevens

This feature created a unique situation for me. It might just be the first time I am showcasing a product and a maker that I haven’t had the opportunity to try yet (although I will be). How can I do it then?

While I may not have tried Naked Butters & Bars, I happen to know the maker behind it, Sabrina McDonnell. She is not only a subscriber to our magazine, but the nurse at The SnoCo Kid’s school. We have gotten the chance to hang out and even do an escape room together. She was also a vendor during our summer and holiday events last year.

Throughout Both, I had the opportunity to see just how much her products meant to her and how much time and love she puts into them. I also got the chance to see how beautiful and creative her products were. They featured a level of design, detail, and sparkle that I’ve rarely seen, and I’ve seen a lot of local soap.

So why haven’t I tried her products? First off, I don’t need to try them to know they are good. Her sales speak for themselves. Second, I’m not someone who uses pretty soap. It looks so good, it would just end up as decoration instead of actually being used.

So, instead of speaking for her, I will let Sabrina speak for herself and her soap!

How did you get into making soap?

[In 2016], my one-year old daughter had a terrible case of eczema. Her doctor kept giving her steroid cream that would burn and only work temporarily. It was torture to watch her be so uncomfortable and in pain, [so] I looked up a natural butter or cream for babies with eczema and found a natural three ingredient recipe.

I gathered what I needed and made a body butter that resembled whipped cream. When I applied it on my daughter, her inflammation went away the next day! I made more and gave it to family and friends. They loved it!

[Then] I decided to see if anyone wanted to actually buy it and I was overwhelmed with orders. It sparked something inside me that I needed to explore. I bought what I needed and went head first into [it]. I kept making soap and experimented with different techniques and ingredients. I loved the idea of mixing botanicals as well as [creating] fun and whimsical [elements]. I was hooked!

What are the base ingredients of your soaps, and why do you use them?

My soaps are based with all different kinds of oils and butters. I use glycerin as well. [It] depends on the design and soap I am making at the time. I love using Hemp, Marigold, chamomile, and Lavender infused butters and oils. All the ingredients I choose are chosen carefully and [are] skin loving. [There are] no harsh chemicals or additives.

What sets your soaps apart from other local makers?

I think my products and soaps are unique compared to others. They are full of fun and color. I have been told they are little works of art, which is super flattering. Every time I make a loaf, I always am surprising myself. They are not only pretty and fun, but each soap has a purpose and is made with a lot of thought and love.

What are your bestselling soaps, and what are your personal favorites?

I’m constantly changing and replacing different soaps based on what my customers want. Some favorites are my Lemon Poppy, Darling Lavender, and my Coal Miner.

Its extremely hard to choose my favorite because they are all a labor of love. But the one’s I use the most, is my Coal Miner and my Coco Lemongrass.


What do you love most about being a maker and local business owner?

Starting my little adventure in small business came at time in my life when I needed it the most. It was a kismet happening that I didn’t know I even needed. Most crafters don’t seek out to be business owners, it usually falls on them [and] I made a choice to see it through until It was no longer bringing me joy.

What I found is that it is extremely hard work, but the most self-gratifying work I have ever done besides being a Mom. I love interacting with my customers during my shows. I love being able to connect with them and sell my products. I also love the whole vendor community. I have met some amazing people who have become close friends and peers.

To find out where Naked Butters & Bars will be appearing at next and buy her amazing bath products, follow along with her on Facebook and Instagram.

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