There’s A Hole In My Bucket

Resuce + Reuse + Repurpose Project

There are lots of options when it comes to making a home for your household and outdoor plants. The obvious choice for most would be pots from hardware and retail shops. Yeah, those might look pretty and do the job, but there are other options available, ones that not only offer a unique look, but help the environment as well.

I’m talking about old stuff! Reusing old things helps keep them out of our landfills and reduces pollution from manufacturing of new products. Awesome benefits, right? There are more though. Using old things, especially those that look a bit rusty and used, add character to your spaces. More importantly, they can have built in features that are perfect for growing plants.

When I set out looking for old containers, pails, I had a goal in mind. I wanted somewhere I could not only grow my herbs, but a way that I could take them inside when temperature required it, and more importantly when I’m cooking and need that ever -important Rosemary, Sage, and more. Pails have handles, that make them the perfect.

While out looking for my army of pails, I stumbled upon an even cooler old container to meet my gardening needs. Two old wash bins caught my eye, just laying and hanging about. Both were something most would have overlooked because of their rusted and hole filled bottoms, but not me. I saw opportunity where others saw junk.

Those holes are just the thing for allowing water to flow through during the rainy months (which we have a lot of here). Those fancy pots you get from the shops have them, right? Plus, the size was just right. The bins are perfect for growing things that need containment. For me those were strawberries and a blackberry start.

They were also perfect for growing things that might become large and potentially burst out of those handy rusty holes. That includes the blackberries, but also my blueberry bush, and my attempt at growing a dwarf lemon tree. The soil in my yard is not the best, so containers are a must for these guys.

Now that you know the benefits, where can you get some?

Where can you get some? Antique shops are the best place to go, but don’t choose the ones with lots of fancy stuff and collectibles. What you want are the kind of shops where you can find fun projects like this at. Lucky for you, I put together a Snohomish County guide to exactly the right places to look for our March issue. You can find it HERE.

Where did I get mine? I had a blast trying to track these guys down. The wash bins came from Antique Station in Snohomish, and all of those lovely old pails, they came from:

Annie’s on First – Snohomish

Antique Station – Snohomish

> Antique Warehouse – Snohomish

> Rustic Redemption – Granite Falls. 

Yes, Snohomish appears a lot on that list. It is the Antique Capital of the Northwest after all.

As for those wood burned markers, those are made by Keltic Kraze a local maker that is available at Artisans Mercantile in Snohomish.

After the May issue went to the printer, a few more rusty repurposed planters were added to our garden. More specifically, the following wheelbarrows that are now full of flowers and pollen for our little Mason Bees. These guys were picked from Dahlia’s Vintage Marketplace on Camano Island and The Red Door in Gold Bar.

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