Farm To Table Dining

Roger’s Riverview Bistro, Snohomish

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Fresh, local, ingredients are the number one reason to choose locally owned restaurants when you are out and about. They taste better, they are better for your body, and, most importantly, they are better for the environment.

Restaurant owners and chefs (often one in the same) know this, and that is why there are a growing number of farm to table style restaurants in our county and across the state/country. So what is this whole farm to table business, and how is it all of the above things?

When it comes to the taste, don’t get me started. You should know fresh food tastes better. How is it healthier? Well, when the food you and restaurants select is locally grown, you know what is going in your body, and more often than not, it is organic and GMO free.

As for the environment. Do you have any idea how much pollution is caused by semi-trucks transporting food and other products across our county? Locally grown and produced food travels less, that simple. It also directly supports the local environment and sustainability in our area.

Enough about all of that though, you want to know about all the delicious food shown in the pictures. Don’t worry I’m getting to it right now. All of this yummy, farm to table goodness, is courtesy of Roger’s Riverview Bistro in Snohomish.

It is a small, yet cozy restaurant nestled in among the shops of 1st Street, and it is worth a stop if you are in the area and looking for somewhere to sit down to dinner. The SnoCo Kid and I did, for the second time, and absolutely loved every bite it.

Roger’s has a short but sweet menu that is packed with healthy options. There will also be various off menu specials, depending on what is in season. The best part, is hearing that the veggies or meat have just arrived while you are being told them.

We kicked off our farm to table feast with the Swiss and Gruyere Fondue. If you know me at all, you know how much I love cheese. I put it on just about everything, and it doesn’t get much better than gooey, melted cheese. Delicious!

For dinner, I had to go with the Bistro Burger once again. Fresh, local, meat, especially on burgers, is hard to come by, and when you find it, it is the best thing you will ever taste. The fixings were equally fresh, as well as colorful, They ooze good for you.

The best part of the burger, though, had to be the house made BBQ sauce, which makes the burger messy, as any truly good burger should be. Now you are probably noticing something missing. Roger’s does not serve fries. Instead, it serves mashed potatoes, chunks, skin, and all, making them Thanksgiving worthy.

As for The SnoCo Kid, she had to show off her chicken fingers that were not only too big to be considered fingers and delicious, but looked a bit like a buffalo. She paired it with ranch that, was you guessed it, house made (literally right while we were sitting there) and as good as the BBQ sauce.

Never one to say no to dessert, we wrapped up our feast with more fondue, this time the Chocolate Dip, which comes with bananas, strawberries, and house made pound cake. We didn’t stop there though, we had to add some of Maltby’s Snoqualamie Ice Cream to the mix.

Overall the food, the local sources it comes from, the presentation, and the service are all an A+ at Roger’s Riverview Bistro. It is a restaurant that truly cares about the food it. I most definitely recommend it. You can find the restaurant at 1011 First Street in Snomish.

Where does Roger’s gets its ingredients at in Snohomish:

Chinook Farms
Skip Rock Distillers
Craven’s Farm
Bob’s Corn
Snohomish Bakery Creations
Caruso Farms
Bright Ide Acres
Flying Tomato Farm
Vista Clara Coffee
Snoqualmie Ice Cream

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