Strong To The Finish

Popeye Energy, Stanwood/Camano

Energy drinks and coffee both entered my life back in law school. I spent three years trying to juggle school full time, a business, and raising five kids at the same time. It all would have been impossible without help from large doses of caffeine.

I’ve paid for those choices though, particularly at the hands of Rockstar Energy Drinks. The massive amount of sugar and unnatural chemicals and more I was drinking back then are a big part of the health struggles I am facing today.

Once I realized what they were doing to my body, I stopped drinking them. The problem was, my life was, and is, still just as busy as back then. I’m down a kid, but I’m trying to produce a magazine independently every month, while working on the side to pay for it all. Caffeine is still a necessity.

At first, to keep up, I turned to sugar free Rockstar Energy Drinks, The logical side of me thought that if sugar was the real culprit, that would be okay, and it was for a while, but without the sugar they really weren’t as effective and the other unnatural things were still taking a toll.

After having such a bad experience with energy drinks, why am I writing about one? Well first off, it’s locally made right here in Stanwood/Camano, and that’s kind of my job. Second, Popeye Energy makes a different kind of energy drink, one that is better for you, and still does the job.


So what is the difference?


You read right, Popeye Energy has created a drink that not only features natural caffeine, but all of its ingredients are 100% natural. That means you know exactly what is going into your body, something that is very important to me, and that should be very important to you.

I haven’t answered the big question though. How does it stack up when it comes to sugar?

Since I’m a former Rockstar junkie, we will use it as a comparison:

Rockstar Punched has 60 grams of sugar per can, while Popeye Energy Drinks have 42 grams.

That is not the only sugar source in energy drinks though, carbs have to be taken into account too. After all, they turn into sugar when they enter your blood stream.

Rockstar Punched has 62 grams of Carbohydrates per can, while Popeye Energy Drinks have 50 grams.

There’s a difference, albeit not a large one, between the two. The important thing to remember though, is that, with Popeye Energy Drinks, you are getting sugar and carbohydrates sources that are natural.

Also worth mentioning is that Popeye Energy Drinks actually contain less sugar and carbohydrates than a 16oz glass of most 100% natural juices. That would mean you are getting the benefits of juice in a way that is not only lower in sugar, but has the added bonus of having caffeine.

That doesn’t sound so bad does it?

If energy drinks are a must in your life, like they are in mine, then I highly recommend giving Popeye Energy a try. In the time since I’ve started drinking it, I’ve been getting the caffeine I need without feeling horrible like I did when I would drink Rockstar (with or without the sugar in it).

I would recommend my favorite flavor, Bruiser Blackberry too, but it is currently sold out. That being the case in retail stores may or may not have had anything to do with me (I totally didn’t buy up the last cans at the last spot known to carry them).

Not to despair though, Anchorin Apple and Clobberin Clementine can still be found at locations across Snohomish County and beyond. A little birdie tells me that they are also working on some new flavors as well. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with what the team is up to and find out where you can buy on their website at

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