Community Gardening Resources

Our county has come a long way in recognizing the important role that both backyard and community gardening play in supporting our local environment. That means there are lots of free and low-cost resources available to you if you are thinking about starting your own garden.

The resources aren’t just for newbies though, they are also for those who are looking for ways to take their existing garden to the next level and make it more eco-friendly.

Here is a look at some of the resources I took advantage of:

Lawns to Lettuce Program


MISSION: The Lawns to Lettuce program encourages landowners to convert a portion of their lawn to grow edibles in a way that builds healthy soil, protects pollinators, minimizes pesticide use, reduces runoff and conserves water.

The best part of the program are free gardening classes offered throughout the county. They cover topics like getting started, building raised beds, rain barrels, and what to plant for specific seasons.

I was lucky enough to attend one of the beginner classes hosted by Terry Myer of Discover Lake Stevens and Down To Earth Community Gardens. She is an amazing community resources in and of herself, and is the go to person to talk to when it comes to planning your garden.

During the class she covered sustainable gardening, including the what, where, and how of planting, pest control, soil care, water conservation, and more. The best part had to be her coverage of upcycling low cost and free materials to create your raised beds, containers, and space.

I walked away from the class with a lot of ideas for my garden, plus I got a lot of free info and seeds to get me started.

Rain Barrel Program

The Snohomish Conservation District goes above and beyond when it comes to making water conservation in your garden easy. They offer a ready to go barrel for $50, and even the opportunity to help build your own with provided supplies at pop-up events for just $35.

You don’t just get a rain barrel either. They also walk you through how to use it and provide you with free information for getting set up and successfully conserving water and using the barrel to water your garden.

Other Resources

The Snohomish Conservation District further offers help with soil testing, getting the right plants at their annual plant sale in late winter, and more classes that teach about building a natural garden and habitat for wildlife.

Find out more at or reach out to
Cameron at He is awesome!

Not ready or sure about starting your own backyard garden? A lot of the cities in Snohomish County offer community gardens where you can grow in raised beds among others and with the help of volunteers – Stanwood, Arlington, Marysville, Lake Stevens, Everett, Mukilteo, Lynnwood, and Bothell.

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