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Bayside Bikes, Everett

As Washington graces us with more and more warm weather it is time to get outdoors and get moving. Well, at least for those of us that might not be so good at that during the rest of the year anyway. For those finally ready to do so, or those looking for a more environmentally/faster way to get around in the cities of Snohomish County, biking is just the ting.

Don’t go rushing off to your local chain stores to buy one though. Take it from someone who has been there and done that. They might have cheaper options, but they are just that, cheaper. The bikes I picked up for me and the kids last summer, didn’t even last until school started. Everything about them was wrong. They weren’t put together right, and they certainly didn’t work right.

What is the alternative? Local of course! I won’t lie, local bike shops are more expensive. You will pay 2-3x more than you would in chain stores, but the bike you get will be 100x better and last far longer than a few months. If that sounds good to you, then Bayside Bikes of Everett is the spot for you. Not only do they have high quality bikes, but accessories, and services to keep you and your bike on the road too.

Here’s more info about them, and what they have to offer, from owner Eric Smith:

How did you get into bikes/what made you want to open your own shop?

I got into riding like most, as a child riding with my family, and then with kids in the neighborhood. A bike is a great way for a kids to explore and have independence which I loved. As I got older I explore[d] further, dirt roads and trails. A family trip to Whister, British Colombia, introduced me to mountain biking which has been my main focus since.

[Eventually], I started hanging out at local bike shops, [which] turned into working [at them] through high school and college. I have always been a bit of an entrepreneur [though], and wanted to start my own shop. I saw a gap in the local market of bikes being offered and downtown [Everett] growing so I decided it was time to open for business [in 2015].

What types of bikes does your shop carry?

Bayside offers all types off bikes, [from adult to kids], but focuses on city bikes. These can be ridden to work, the grocery store or for the day on a long ride. For the more aggressive rider we offer a line of mountain bikes with suspension, disk brakes and knobby tires. These bikes are designed to explore the trails of the northwest.

What makes your bikes different from those found in big chain stores?

Most of our customers are looking for a quality bike, but don’t need a top of the line machine. They want something reliable that they can put fenders, basket or rack on and use to get around.

[Our] bikes are bikes I believe in, brands I trust and ride myself, everyday. Yes, you can find a cheaper bike online or in a department store, [but] I work on these bikes and they are often falling apart immediately due to poor craftsmanship and unqualified people assembling them.

This is a horrible experience for the owner. I want my customers to have the best time possible and that starts with a quality bike that they want to ride. There’s no better advertising than a satisfied customer that tells their friends and families about the new bike they got and how much fun they are having.

What considerations go into your choice to carry a particular line in your shop?

I pick brands that I think have something to offer, that will fit my customers needs.

I comparison shop just like a potential customer [to] make sure my bikes are competitively priced [and] the best quality so problems don’t arise.

What is the most popular bike in your shop?

One of [our] best sellers is a bike from manufacturer Norco. [They are] a Canadian company based in Vancouver BC and developed the ideal bike for riding the path around Stanley Park called the Yorkville.

This bike is designed to set the rider upright in a comfortable position and offers some great features. Aluminum frame, 21 speed drivetrain, gel seat, suspension seat post and adjustable handlebar with ergonomic grips. You get a lot of bike for $379.

I’m totally going to have to look into this one for myself, kind of digging on the pink one!


What services are available in your shop?

We service all types of bikes, from any manufacturer. A Tune Up is the most common service at $75, it takes care of every adjustment on the bike and ensures a safe ride.

To find out more about the bikes and services available at Bayside Bikes, stop by their Downtown Everett location or visit their website:


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