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Good Talk Josh Podcast, Arlington

One of the best parts of my job is meeting people who, like me, are working to bring together those in our community and county. Josh Minnick of Arlington, host of the Good Talk Josh Podcast, is a perfect example of someone who is not only doing just that, but that appreciates all that our cities and county have to offer as much as I do.

Josh is the kind of guy that you will find along his hometowns historic downtown streets. You are just as likely to find him out and about with his family on trails in the area. He’s also a man on a mission. At first his podcast was about reconnecting with friends, but it has grown into something much more. I’ll let him to tell you all about it though …

What made you start your own podcast?

One day I had a few friends over to help my family move. We were taking a break in my driveway, all with our elbows on a trailer and a beer in hand, One guy told a story, the next chimed in, I added something… we laughed and had a fantastic seamless hour of conversation.

We don’t get together with friends enough in this busy life. I cherished that moment and a light bulb went off. I could invite people over to create the feeling we had that day over and over, and maybe people would enjoy eavesdropping into our conversations!

What do you get out of doing it, and what do you think, or want, readers to get out listening to it?

I’m a bit of an introvert and believe it or not, I am really shy about meeting new people. This is forcing me to shake hands and talk to my neighbors that have lived in and around me for decades.

I learn something new on every episode. I laugh on every episode. More importantly, I become a little bit more involved in the community, It is my hope that, by sharing it all with others, that they will have the same experience.

So, if someone can laugh, learn or get inspired to try something new because of my podcast… I’m pretty happy!

Has the journey been what you expected when you first got started?

It’s definitely evolved and it will continue to do so. I started out with just friends and family as guests. Now I’m rarely familiar with the people who appear on the show. I’ve gotten lucky. A few amazing people have reached out to me and I am starting to see more and more come in.

Who is the most interesting person you’ve sat down with so far, and why?

I can’t nail one or two to the wall and say “Boom, that’s the one!” I take away value from each person I sit down with.Now, that being said… I get a lot of feedback on my PTSD episode particularly the last third of the conversation! I also quote Britni from PNW Farmtables almost daily now “Maybe my happiness isn’t the same as theirs.” I could go on & on…

Who would you like to sit down with that you haven’t yet, and why?

Evergreen Soaring, the sail planes (gliders)I see in Arlington all the time. When I mow the lawn, they’re up there. When the kids are swinging at the park they point them out.

I’m fascinated by them and want to hear some stories. I have reached out and they have some major events happening early in the summer, so, fingers crossed.

As a resident of Arlington, what is your favorite thing about the city and what are your favorite places to shop, eat, drink, and play there?

The downtown area is a small town amid a growing community. You won’t find a major Chain store on Olympic Avenue. The town is littered with parks. Haller park and Eagle Trail are great for the kids and for a nice nature stroll, Legion park hosts amazing festivals, and the centennial trail is perfect for riding, running, and racing long boards!


The Stilly Diner is second to none, best breakfast around (I couldn’t agree more, it’s my fave). On busy afternoons it’s fun to take the kids to Ellie’s at the Airport and watch the planes take off and land.

Whitewall brewing is technically in Marysville, but that tasting room is tremendous. The kids get a root beer and play games or LEGOs and the adults get to talk and enjoy world class beer made by local families!

Oh, and half the people in any mentioned establishment will be most likely wearing an Arlington Hardware logo’d hat, t-shirt, or hoodie! That place is incredible!

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    Love everything about this! And we agree about racing longboards on Centennial Trail! 😉


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