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Maple + Moss, Snohomish

The streets of Downtown Historic Snohomish are filled with an eclectic group of locally owned businesses. You can find everything from seafood and pie to clothing, home decor, and antiques (it is considered the antique capital of the Northwest after all). With so many choices, it can be hard to decide what to do and where to go.

There is one shop that definitely should not be overlooked in your explorations. A small detour off of first, and onto Union Avenue, will bring you to the doorstep of Maple + Moss Boutique. It may not look like much from the outside (it is small for sure), but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in fun and trendy finds which include clothing, jewelry, accessories and more.

Fashion wise, Maple + Moss is the epitome of Northwest style, outdoorsy, yet stylish and perfect for all of the adventurous and confident SnoCo gals out there. Its quickly became a favorite of my daughter’s, and believe me its not easy to get young girls to agree with you about style, let alone anything else. Her favorite item so far has to be the red and black flannel shirt pictured above, she wears it over everything.

All of the outdoorsy T-shirts and hoodies are also a favorite of hers, and she’s not alone. They are one of the most popular things in the shop. I don’t know how owner Kortney keeps them in stock. They are available in all sizes for both men and women. Yep, a boutique that has got something for the guys too. Feel free to use that to get them into the shop ladies.

My favorite thing about this shop is that it also carries plus sizes in both the outdoorsy and dressy options. It’s one of the few boutiques in Snohomish County that does. It is one of the few shops that also carries things both The SnoCo Kid and I can wear. I see some matching outfits in our future, before she gets too old for that to be fun and cool of course.

Beyond clothing, the shop also features an array of other items, including cards and candles. Both are particularly amusing. I’ve picked up a candle labeled King of Farts there. In case you are wondering, it smelled rather pleasant, and not at all like farts. Considering giving one the shops equally funny candles or cards as a gift just to see someone’s face when they see it (yeah, I know that’s a bit messed up, but I’m that kind of girl).

You can find Maple + Moss Boutique at 104 Union Ave in Historic Downtown Snohomish. Be sure to follow along with them on Facebook & Instagram too!

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