190 Sunset, Edmonds

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 I have been dying to go to 190 Sunset since it opened its doors just under two years ago. The timing was just never right though (I really need to get out to Edmonds more). Instead it teased me from afar, via social media, and up close, on visits to neighboring Scratch Distillery and the Edmonds waterfront. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait too long to visit a Snohomish County location I’ve wanted to see.

So, was the wait worth it? Absolutely! Dining at 190 Sunset is an experience not to be missed. The atmosphere, service, food, and especially the drinks are on point and right up there with some of the best I have ever had all around. You are probably wanting details though, so here goes …

Our visit to 190 Sunset was part of our May issue meet-up experience which included a stop by Cascadia Art Museum and Scratch Distillery (within the same building, date night anyone?). Having not been there before, I was excited to be trying it out with others, not only to get their opinions, but to sample a bit of what they ordered as well. What? It’s my job, and more often than not, everything looks good. The SnoCo Kid always goes halfsies with me for the same reason.

Thanks to a somewhat inaccurate weather forecast, I opted to make our reservation indoors. Despite missing out on their beautiful outdoor seating area, I’m glad I did. Indoors you get to witness the hustle and bustle of the restaurant and bar area, not to mention people watch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people enjoying their meals and each other in one place before.

Despite being a bit early, we were quickly seated and, while it was a busy Friday night, we did not have to wait long for service or for food. Our server, like others seen moving from table to table, was relaxed and very personal, while being professional at the same time. It definitely added to the fun of the evening.

The menu is short and sweet, bringing together classics with a bit of a twist and, of course, multiple seafood dishes. Edmonds is known for them after all. Our choices … the 190 Cheeseburger (I’m like the official taste tester for SnoCo burgers, so I can rarely turn one down on a menu), the Grilled Three Cheese and Bacon Sandwich with Tomato Bisque, and Lobster, Shrimp & Swine Pasta. Before we get into how all of that was though, we have to talk about the cocktails.

190 Sunset might just have THE best cocktails in Snohomish County, and most of the credit for that goes to award winning bar manager Niles Peacock. He has created by far the largest and most unique cocktail menu I have seen yet. There are so many delicious looking options that it is almost impossible to choose.

The table favorite had to be the Violet Hour Cosmopolitan, featuring lavender infused vodka, triple sec, creme de violette, fresh lime juice, and cranberry. It was my initial choice, but by the end of the dinner, we were all having one. It goes without saying that it is a must try in my book. It is by far the best cocktail I’ve ever had, and I can’t wait to go back to have another.

Enough about that though, we are supposed to be talking about the food. The 190 burger is packed with angus beefy goodness, fresh toppings, and a unique house made sauce. I also added bacon because, if it is an option, I’m taking it. It was cooked perfectly, delicious, and worth a try if you are a burger fanatic like me. After all of the burgers I have tried over the last two years, it is not easy to impress me. It was the best I’ve had, but it was still good enough that I would have it again.

The SnoCo Kid downed her sandwich and bisque, so I will have to assume that they were equally delicious. As for the pasta, I sampled it somewhat tentatively. I’m not a seafood person in any sense of the word, or pork for that matter. Luckily for me the lobster, shrimp, and pork themselves were hardly noticeable beyond the amazing flavor they added to the restaurant’s mac + cheese style dish. Also, something I would happily have again.

Our meal didn’t end there though. No review is complete without dessert. That’s why I love them so much. We indulged in the Flourless Chocolate Cake, which had a bit of coffee and blackberry flavor, oh, and was gone before I got a chance to take a picture. Along with it, we tried the Passion Fruit Tart, which was definitely tart, but delicious as well.

Overall, the whole meal, was a hit with the table and exceeded my expectations. More importantly, with as many drinks as we ordered, we still managed not to break the bank. That is not easy to do at most restaurants of the same caliber as 190 Sunset, so they get bonus points for that.

I highly recommend dinner and drinks there if you are in the area, and don’t forget dessert … ever, at any restaurant. It is usually the best part. Seriously, I’m considering making dessert the new appetizer so we never have to worry about running out of room in our stomachs for it again.

You can find 190 Sunset at, you guessed it, 190 Sunset Ave in Edmonds. Be sure to follow along with them on Facebook and Instagram too, they post plenty of cocktails and food to drool over and give you some added incentive to give it a try.

Before You Eat

The building which 190 Sunset calls home offers not only an amazing restaurant, but other local opportunities that are perfect for date night, a girls night out, or just because!

Cascadia Art Museum
Museum featuring Northwest Art from the late 19th Century through the 1960s. Admission is $10, open 11AM-6PM Wednesday through Sunday.

Scratch Distillery
Stop by this local distiller for a cocktail or tour featuring their gin and other spirits. Open 1PM-7PM Wednesday through Saturday and 1PM-6PM Sunday’s.

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