Carry The Outdoors With You

The Chic Boatique, Snohomish

The Chic Boatique in Snohomish has grown so much since moving to its new location just six months ago. And, coincidence or not, its shelves and displays have been increasingly filling up with outdoorsy style products, accessories and jewelry that are just the thing for summer.

The most notable thing has to be Jenn’s jewelry. More and more, her pieces are taking on a PNW feel using hand stamping and stones, You can also regularly find ocean inspired pieces (I get the feeling Jenn loves mermaids). I own more than my fair share of her necklaces, and while I’m on that topic … Jenn, if you still have the dreamcatcher one above, I want it (I so got it by the way)!

I really don’t need more necklaces, but when you gotta have something, you gotta have it. That goes for nearly everything in the shop. I am a huge fan of the clothing, which comes in regular and plus sizes. Jenn is always trying to get me into something new while I’m there. She’s a bad influence to be sure.

Beyond clothing and jewelry, you will also find the shop full of fun outdoorsy things like accessory bags, water bottles, pins, stickers, and more. Now that I think about it there really is a bit of everything, and something for everyone. The Chic Boatique is my favorite shop in Snohomish,, so stop by, check it out, and tell Jenn that I sent you.

Jenn isn’t the only fun and outdoorsy jewelry maker you will find at The Chic Boatique. The shop also carries fun hand stamped scoops from Whackadoodles & Wanderlust (below), one of my faves. Available options include necklaces and cuffs. When it comes to my favorite scoop, given to me as a present by owner Staci, I switched it over to my key chain so that is always with me. Just an idea!

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