Camping Old School Style

Rescue + Reuse + Repurpose

My mission for this issue, scouring the antique and vintage shops of Snohomish County to find some old school camping gear. It wasn’t an easy challenge, but I pulled it off just in time for our first camping trip of the year, and I have to admit, some of the things we found were downright awesome. So, what did I find …

On Camano Island, I scored the coolest picnic set, complete with plates and silverware in a carrier, for $4.00 at 2nd Chance Thrift Shop. I also got a vintage wool blanket for our pup to lay on, a mini cast iron skillet, and condiment caddy from Dahlia’s Vintage Marketplace. Back on the mainland, I picked up a vintage Coleman lantern from Wanderlust Pickins of Monroe, metal plates, and an awesome metal folding camp table (the best find by far) from Sassafras Antiques in Arlington, and a cast iron skillet, camp toaster, and stainless steel Coleman cooler (so heavy, there is no chance of the other half stealing it for fishing) from the Star Center Antique Mall in Snohomish.

Finally, there was an old flashlight and muffin tin, which) we repurposed into some bug repelling candles from Finders Keepers and Le Vintage Finds in Marysville and a stainless steel camp kettle from Katelyn’s Korner in Arlington for just $5.00. We scored big time with our finds, but, more importantly, we had fun. Each time we go out in search of specific things for article, it’s like a scavenger hunt.

The fun didn’t end there though, the SnoCo Kid and I also created a project for ourselves, repurposing a vintage muffin tin with some help from Cierra Candle & Soap Making Supply in Everett.Their shop has an array of candle and soap making supplies, as well as instructions on how to do-it-yourself for newcomers like us. We picked up wax, wicks, and some essential oils to use later for another project. We had a specific oil and purpose in mind, one which sadly we couldn’t find locally – Lemon Eucalyptus Oil, which a bug deterrent.

Supplies in hand, we set about making our candles. While a bit on the messy side, we didn’t do too bad, and the candles worked. We had a mostly bug free camping trip when we had a few lit. The good part about the muffin tin choice was that we could use some and switch to others when candles burned down. Then there is the fact that you can reuse it over and over, cause its for the outdoors.

Be sure to check out Cierra Candles if you are a local candle or soap maker, and if you are a DIY gal like me!

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