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Temple Distilling, Lynnwood

Local soap, jewelry, and the like aren’t the only creations to be found in Snohomish County. There is also a thriving community of craft distillers. Among them is Temple Distilling of Lynnwood, makers of various gins and the most amazing and delicious Limoncello liqueur you will ever taste, one that I love to use when creating my own cocktails (my Rosé based Sangria is the best so far) and when baking (check out my boozy Lemondoodles, available exclusively to magazine/web subscribers HERE). Seriously, it is like a dessert, even on its own.

Regardless of which of their offerings you choose, you will find that each and every one has its own distinct character and story to tell. That is because owners, and husband and wife duo, AJ and Jaime Temple not only consider themselves distillers, but authors of spirits as well. The two began writing their first story four years ago, determined to author the best London Dry Gin in the US.

In the time since, their small batch offerings have gone on to win numerous awards and be featured in cocktails at restaurants and nightspots across Western Washington and shops across the Pacific Northwest. You can also stop by their distillery most Saturday’s for tastings and sample cocktails.

PC: Temple Distilling
When you stop by, you will likely discover that Temple Distilling is very much a family affair, with the duo’s children and other relatives being frequent visitors. You will also discover just how much their offerings, and the stories behind their gins, mean to them.

I discovered this for myself after spending a day in their tasting room last summer. Time after time I listened in as AJ and Jaime proudly told visitors all about both. You definitely get an experience unlike anything you find at a restaurant or bar. It’s far more personal, and really allows you the opportunity to learn more about what you are drinking.

As with any of Snohomish County’s craft distillers, I highly recommend giving Temple Distilling a try. And, while I chose to start off with their Bookmark Limoncello, I think AJ’s own advice is perfect for getting familiar with their offerings …

“Start with Chapter One and see where the story takes you.” -AJ Temple

PC: Temple Distilling

Temple Distilling Offerings:

Chapter One London Dry Gin
“Approachable and clean, well balanced between smooth juniper and bright citrus with a subtle hint of coriander and earthy undertones.”

Chapter One Navy Strength
“Cassia bark and fresh lime and grapefruit peel provide a lush palate while the traditional juniper and coriander botanicals complete this surprisingly smooth yet lustrously bold gin.”

Woodcut Barrel Rested Gin
Temple’s Navy Strength gin spends over six months stored in “hand selected used whiskey barrels .. (producing) a refined spirit, rich and complex, with a smooth botanical finish.”

Bookmark Limoncello
Combines Temple’s “Navy Strength gin, as a base, then (adding) hand peel every organic lemons, and pure cane sugar for sweetening.”

Find out more about Temple Distilling, including the story behind their distillery and their offerings at:


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