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When it comes to being an artist, being creative, writing and photography have always been my strong suit. Obviously! That doesn’t mean I haven’t dabbled in the other arts though. Whether out of curiosity, or just plain trying to relax, painting is something I’ve had a growing interest in, and my work with Live the SnoCo Life has offered me the opportunity to explore that.

Together, The SnoCo Kid and I have put paint to canvas with local artists, explored a bit with it at home on our own, made vintage furniture new, and painted pottery at Edmonds based Glazed & Amazed, not once, but twice. While its clear that both of us don’t have a future in painting, we’ve sure had a fun time learning and trying, and we will continue to pick up a paint brush for that very reason.

Our 2016 creations are pictured above!

Our first experience with Glazed & Amazed came just over two years ago. My children and I chose to spend Mother’s Day in Edmonds, and stopped in for an opportunity to spend time together and maybe get a bit messy. We didn’t actually get messy though. Oddly, even me in my fancy Mother’s Day dress, managed to stay clean. Not a single stray drop of paint could be found on us, other than our hands of course.

The mess free fun wasn’t the best part though. Within a week, I was able to pick up our creations and, while they weren’t, by any means, the most beautiful art in the world, they were uniquely ours and I loved them. I still have them to this day, well other than my turtle, which I was beyond proud of creating. That poor guy was broken by the ever hyper Miss Everly, while she was still in full on puppy mode. Since then I’ve been dying to go back, give it another go, and replace what had been broken.

I know what you are thinking and, yes, it took two plus years to get around to it, but get around to it I did. What can I say, I’m a busy gal. This time around, it was just The SnoCo Kid and I. Her brothers are at the age where video games are all that matters in their teenage lives. Wild horses couldn’t drag them away from their screens. They would probably say the same thing when it comes to me and working on mine.

Enough about that though, this article is about relaxing and getting creative, neither of which should be work, unless you are writing an article about it of course.

First and foremost, Glazed & Amazed has a wide array of things for you to paint. From various animals and piggy banks, to plates and mugs. I for one was hoping to find my turtle once again, but no such luck. Instead, I opted for a frog, that would be just the thing for putting my local made soap in, and the kid went with a dog.

Selections in hand, we set about picking our colors and painting what we hoped to be beautiful works of art. Its a feat that is much harder than it sounds, and not just because we aren’t the most talented bunch when it comes to painting. Why? Well, the colors as you apply them are far from what the final thing will look like (check out our progression shots to the right).

Luckily the crew at Glazed & Amazed provides a key, showing you what the colors you are using will look like once the glazing process occurs. It kind of adds to the excitement of painting there, trying to guess what your creation will look like once the colors you have chosen show in all of their glory. There are also fun things like sponges, stencils, and glittery paint to choose from.

I once again went with some glittery green paint, because it had looked so good on my fallen turtle, and the kid decided to be a sponge master, dabbing carefully almost the entire time and barely picking up a brush.

I think she was under the impression that the sponge would be faster, she was wrong. There was no contest, I finished first, even with my careful work of adding coat after coat to make sure my colors were on point.

The staff of Glazed & Amazed was of course there to help, stopping to check on us here and there, and giving us advice along the way. While we ignored most of it, deciding to blaze our own way for good or bad, it was nice to know help was there if and when we needed it. Looking back, we probably should have took some of that advice. Hint, that means you should if you stop in and give it a try.

Painting finished, we left our creations to undergo the glazing process, eager to return just under a week later to see how they came out. While the anticipation adds to the fun, it is definitely a difficult wait. Thankfully, having to return to Edmonds a second time for pick-up is not the worst thing in the world. It is instead, an opportunity. One where you use the excuse of having to return to enjoy one of the amazing local restaurants located in the downtown area.

While I think we did better the first time around, we were both happy with our final creations. They came out good, and they taught us a thing or two about following advice and what happens when you don’t fully relax and enjoy what you are doing. I think we were both so stressed out about creating something that would make a beautiful picture for the magazine that we forgot that part. Maybe next time! Hopefully it won’t be another two years for that to happen. 

If you are looking for a way to relax and have some fun, especially with your kids, Glazed & Amazed is a great local option and I’d highly recommend it. The price is right and they even offer birthday parties. There was one both times we’ve been and the kids were definitely having a blast.

Find out more at www.glazedandamazed.com

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