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Adam’s Northwest Bistro & Brewery, Monroe

The busier I get with the magazine, the more I find myself seeing places I want to try, but having to wait to try them. For nearly a year, Adam’s Northwest Bistro & Brewery in Monroe was among those places. Although, to be fair, always being in the area on the wrong days and times has played an equal role in my not being able to try it.

I finally did though, and the wait was worth it. Having passed it several times, and checking out the menu online, I wasn’t exactly sure what to think of it. It seemed fancy, like the don’t take your kids there kind. I couldn’t have been more wrong about that though. Don’t get me wrong, the food is definitely a bit fancy, but the atmosphere is very light and inviting once you step through the door.

That was a good thing, because The SnoCo Kid came along with me, and debauchery quickly ensued. I think the experience was honestly the most fun I have ever had at a restaurant, and the food played a big part in that, literally, We kicked it all off with an appetizer of course, because when we review a restaurant, we have to try a bit of everything and take home the extra for later.

Our selection was the Adams Fries, loaded with cheese and bacon. If you know me, actually the two of us, at all, you know we never turn down cheese and bacon. Hence us having no issues digging in to the fries once they arrived. So much so that we ate far more than we had intended to, only stopping when The SnoCo Kid stopped to say … “I just remembered we have to eat the actual food too.”

After a good laugh, I realized she had a point and the fries were set aside. Our entree choices were, as always a debate. We share every place we go in order to try more than one thing, so both of our choices have to be something the other will like. The Bistro Burger was a clear choice. We never turn down trying a burger when its on the menu.

The fixings on the burger were fresh, and the beef was a bit of a twist from what we are used to, consisting of center cut sirloin (also on the menu on its own). The flavor was different, but we both enjoyed it. It was literally like eating steak, but on a bun. I’m not usually a steak person, but its starting to grow on me thanks to the amazing preparation by local restaurants. I’m not quite at the same point with seafood and Asian cuisine, but I’ll get there, be patient.

Our second entree was the Baked Pasta & Cheese. Despite the name, it is most definitely a Macaroni & Cheese style pasta, just with bigger and fancier pasta. The cheese sauce was very good, as was the bacon and the Parmesan bread crumb topping. While both entrees were delicious, it was all business while trying them out.

The fun didn’t resume until it was time for dessert, the best part of any review we do. We opted for the Chocolate Turtle Brownie, which arrived almost to beautiful to eat. For once, I was allowed the first bite, after which the following conversation ensued between us …

Her: “Is it good?”

Me: “Can a brownie ever be bad?”

Her: “Yeah, if its’ from Walmart!”

Needless to say, The SnoCo Kid is most definitely my daughter and I’ve taught her well. As for the brownie, it was delicious, and there was barely a trace of brownie, chocolate, or caramel on the plate by the time we were done with it. A must try for sure!

Overall, the entire meal was good, with the best part of it being the commitment Adam’s has to sourcing locally in Snohomish County and across the Pacific Northwest. That includes all of their seafood, meat, and veggies. The local sourcing doesn’t stop there though, you can find it behind the bar as well. I enjoyed an Old Fashioned, featuring Rye Whiskey from Skip Rock Distillers of Snohomish. There is also beer that is brewed right next door.

Food aside, I have to add that the wait staff is a big part of what makes the atmosphere at Adam’s light and inviting. They are very attentive and could be found chatting casually with us and guests throughout our time there. Its like sitting down to eat with a friend, It certainly didn’t hurt that our server, Trisha, is a fan of our posts and articles as well.

There is nothing I love more than hearing that someone is getting ideas or choosing local more because of what we do. Hearing those things from her was the perfect end to a perfect meal. That, combined with the food, is more than enough encouragement for us to come back and try out more from the menu. Oh, and to also recommend that you stop by and give it a try to. Can’t forget that part.

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