Le Vintage Finds, Marysville

While Snohomish County isn’t overflowing with local shops carrying arts and crafts supplies (there needs to be more), the ones that it does have are awesome. The biggest local spot is of course Ben Franklin in Monroe (yep, locally owned and operated). It is by far the best place to go for a bit of everything.

Don’t overlook the little guys though! You can probably guess they are my favorite, and you’d be right. We are frequent visitors to ArtSpot in Edmonds, picking up paint, canvas, and more whenever we are feeling creative. Candle making has been a new endeavour, and soap is probably next, thanks to Cierra Candle & Soap in Everett. Then there is knitting, and crocheting. That is on our list of things to try as well, and when we do, we’ll be hitting up Perfectly Knotty in Arlington for fiber and some classes.

Whatever your art or craft, there is something for you, you just have to know where to look. Here is a mini guide of where to go to get you started. Don’t forget, if and when you do visit, be sure to share the spot and your creations on social media. Do your part to support local shops!


Cotton Pickens’ Quilts
8718 270th St NW

PinchKnitter Yarns
8712 271st St NW Stanwood

Stilly River Yarns
9913 271st St NW Ste A


The Paint Bungalow (Paint)
430 N Olympic Ave

Perfectly Knotty
310 N Olympic Ave

Reclaimed Heart (Paint)
431 N Olympic Ave


Cierra Candle & Soap
Making Supply (+Wood Tools)
2815 Baker Ave Ste 105

Covenant Art Glass
3232 Broadway

Great Yarns
4023 Rucker Ave

JAG Artworks
1806 Hewitt Ave


ArtSpot Art Supply
408 Main St


Country Yarns
119 Glen Ave

Quilting Mayhem
1011 2nd St


Ben Franklin
19505 Highway 2

The Junk Sisterhood (Paint)
126 E Main St

Vintage & Rust
202 W Main St


Garden of Beadin’
817 238th St SE Ste A (Country Village)

Keepsake Cottage Crafts
818 238th St SE (Country Village)

O’Malley & Potter
23716 8th Ave SE (Country Village)

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