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Crooksy Creations, Bothell

My adventures across Snohomish County have introduced me to many people, places, and things of all kinds. Crooksy Creations is no exception. Local Artist, Jeanette Crooks, creates pieces that are hard to stop and take notice of. Who can turn away from doll heads combined with bits and pieces of other things? Seriously! Her work is a little bit creepy, and a lot cool. The clown pictured in this feature, that’s an Elf on the Shelf type nightmare for someone like me, one I’d kind of like to have. Without further ado, here is my interview with Crooksy Creations!
Your artwork is very unique. How would you describe it?

One of the things that makes my artwork unique is that I’ve never limited it to any one specific medium or technique. For the past few years my art style has been creating found object assemblages. I like my art to tell a story by using recycled, reclaimed, discarded old junk, and found objects. My favorites are old doll parts and mechanical objects. I incorporate different painting techniques into them as well. My painting style I would describe as expressionistic or somewhat outsider art. I like to paint intuitively, from what I see in my mind’s eye.

How did you get started as and artist and what made you choose the type of artwork that you do?

I’ve been artistic since I was a child. After raising five children, my choices in work fit with this. I worked at a craft store and as a florist for many years. After that, I worked at home, selling antiques online. Eventually I owned my own antique shop and became a dealer, picker and part time artist. I have always had a love for old stuff! Eventually, I started incorporating antiques into my artwork. I started selling my artwork side by side with antiques at vintage shows I participate in. I thoroughly enjoy creating one of a kind pieces that evoke joy and inspiration in the people who buy them!

Where does the inspiration for your pieces and paintings come from?

The inspiration for my pieces usually comes from ideas that come to mind when I find a cool piece to start with. I have so many drawers and bins full of interesting old objects, doll heads, clock components, bits and bobbles of every type! It’s fun to start putting things together, and before you know it, a theme starts to develop.

In my opinion, you need a large amount of choices to begin an assemblage project so that you can play with the pieces to figure out how it will all work together in an artistic compilation. At any given time in my studio, I have about 10 or more projects in the works, just waiting for me to find that last little piece to finish it off!

The creativity just starts flowing when I’m in my element! I constantly jump from my assemblage station, to paint station, to glue station, to my work bench in an average day of creating. It’s truly my passion!

How do you find the components that go into your pieces?

Sources for the components that go into my pieces are pretty much limitless, if you know where to look! My old doll heads and antique items are usually found online or at estate sales. I’ve even found rusty old objects while going out for a walk. Once, when I was gardening in my yard, I unearthed an antique light bulb and old glass bottles which I later used in one of my assemblages. Pretty much anything that I find interesting, I will try to incorporate it into my art somehow.

What is your favorite piece?

My favorite piece I did this year was my Baby Beetlejuice Assemblage box. It was made from an old cigar box that I painted, an old Storybook doll from the 1950’s that was altered, and tiny doll house miniature furniture. There was even a tiny eyeball that peeked in from the back wall of the box!

Where can your artwork be found?

I currently sell my art at M&M Antiques in Monroe and Le Vintage Finds in Marysville. After Halloween, I will be creating my one of a kind Vintage Christmas decor and Found Object Assemblages that will be available at those shops and events I will be participating in.

For events, I will be doing The Great Junk Hunt show at Monroe Fairgrounds November 2nd and 3rd, where I will sell my Classic Vintage Christmas Creations, and at Oddmall, Emporium of the Weird at Monroe Fairgrounds November 10th and 11th, where I will sell my Weird & Crooksy Assemblage Art.

My artwork is also available for purchase on Etsy HERE .

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    The link to your “artwork is also available for purchase online HERE” is broken. 🙁

    • snocogal

      Thank you for letting us know. It has been updated and now links to the artists Etsy page 🙂


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