Guide to Snohomish County PUmpkin Patches

Zombies, haunted houses, costumes, and candy aside, Halloween is still all about the great pumpkin search. Year in and year out, families pack into their cars and head off to the pumpkin patch to scour the fields looking for the best one. Lucky for us, Snohomish County is home to some pretty awesome ones, the best of which are featured below.

You’ll find more than just pumpkins at most though. There will be food, corn mazes, and activities galore for old and young alike. For our family, our go to spot is usually Craven Farm (catch some of our experiences on the next page), but this year (thanks to an article), we will be hitting up Thomas Family Farms, home to probably THE best corn maze and zombie paintball full in the County. Don’t take my word for it though, pick a patch and try it out!


Biringer Farm
2431 WA-530

5818 WA-530

Lake Stevens

Carleton Farm
630 Sunnyside Blvd SE


Bob’s Corn & Pumpkin Farm
210917 Elliott Rd

Craven Farm
13817 Short School Rd

Stocker Farms
8705 Marsh Rd

Swan Trails Farm
7301 Rivershore Rd

Thomas Family Farm
9010 Marsh Rd

Craven Farm, Snohomish …

When it came time to pick a pumpkin patch for my kids, I decided to keep it old school. Sure, most pumpkin patches these days have all kinds of activities, some zombie related, but nothing beats a good old fashioned patch for giving younger children the adventure of a lifetime.

Our patch of choice was Snohomish based Craven Farm. Not only does it have a massive pumpkin patch, but it has a fairly easy to figure out corn maze, a few extra activities, delicious food, and even a gift shop with crafts, food products, and produce.

Thanks to my five kiddos officially all being ten and up now, they’re more into the new stuff. That meant 2016 was sadly our last Craven Farm adventure. I don’t know why they have to grow up, but they do. Oddly, it also means the end of trick-or-treating, which I’m happy about, but The SnoCo Kid is still pushing for another year. We will have to see who wins that argument.

Pumpkins and activities aside, I happen to have other reasons for liking Craven Farm.

First off, it’s a beautiful place to be during the month of October. Despite the foot trafffic, their corn stalks look amazing, highlighted by colorful trees that surround their maze. Add to that a colorful tree filled hillside just beyond their pumpkin patch, and you have a photographers dream. There are also lots of amazing spots to catch photos of your kids, or just in general.

Second, and probably my favorite reason, are the Turkey’s running wild in the parking area and along the street. Its fun seeing them, and even funner trying to avoid dodge them when you are coming and going. Our best experience was being both chased and kept from moving by one along the road in front of the farm. He literally did not want to let us go about our day, and it was beyond hilarious.

Third, the food really is good, enough said!

If you have younger children, or are a big kid that likes to keep things traditional, Craven Farm is a good option locally. Watch out for those turkey’s though!

You can find more information about Craven Farm, located at 13817 Short School Rd in Snohomish (just off Old Snohomish Monore Rd), on their website at:

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