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While I might not be big on eating breakfast on a day-to-day basis, it happens to be one of my favorite meals to sit down to when we eat out in Snohomish County. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that breakfast combines my two favorite foods, cheese and bacon (lots of both is a must). That’s all well in good, but my real fascination with the meal has to do with a certain breakfast dish I’ve uncovered during our explorations of Snohomish County restaurants. At some it is called a skillet, at others a scramble, and at others, additional names I’m sure. It is a dish that takes the term “combines” to a whole new level. Think omelette, but with hash browns or potatoes added to the jumbled goodness. The first five is packed with nothing but the best skillets and scrambles that I’ve had over the last three years (everything else the featured restaurants serve is equally delicious) and the next five is full of lighter options and everything else. Enjoy!

# 1 – The Stilly Diner, Arlington

DISH: Matt’s Massively Loaded Hash Browns I eat mine loaded with extra cheese, bacon, sausage, and ham, all topped with over easy eggs. Dish is served in layers – hash browns, meats + more (all toppings available with their omelletes), cheese, then eggs.

This is the breakfast that started not only my jumbled up breakfast obsession, but my very own, and very delicious, Farm Fresh Skillet at home. Everything about the dish is perfect, from the fact that you have loads of options for what to include inside, to the fact that everything is always cooked and sized just right. The overall portion size is just right for one very hungry customer, or for a normal hungry customer to have a bit left over to take home. For me it’s enough to fill me up and have some leftover for my adventure pup.

# 2 – Wendy’s Country Cafe, Downtown Everett

DISH: Cafe Scramble I eat mine loaded as is, sans onions and mushrooms. Dish is served as a true scramble, with hash browns, potatoes, meats , and onions + mushrooms (if you’re into that stuff) all mixed together and covered in cheese.

This dish is on a whole different level then others offered. First and foremost, it is massive, so much so that it is available in whole or half size. Heads up, the half size is more than enough for two, and ordering the whole size while dining alone with get you some raised eyebrow’s and probably some laughs (I unwittingly got in over my head the first time around). Second, I love that everything is truly mixed together in this dish, not just layered. It saves you some time on having to mix things up. Finally, the hash browns are always cooked just right, and with a bit of your own seasoning, are soft and delicious.

# 3 – Jake’s Cafe on Second, Snohomish

DISH: Jake’s Cafe Scrambler I eat mine with ham + cheese. Dish is served with your option of either bacon + sausage or ham + cheese, combined with hash browns, and all wrapped up in egg.

Like the last dish, this one is jumbo size (like everything at Jake’s is), and more than enough to feed two or take some home for later. The thing that sets this one apart is probably fairly obvious from the photo that follows. The dish is literally cocooned inside of a layer of eggs. I have no idea how they do it, especially considering how big it is (omelette, it is not), but it is a sight to behold and a feast for your belly.

# 4 – Rusty Pelican, Mill Creek + Edmonds

DISH: Farmer’s Skillet I eat mine as is, sans onions and mushrooms, yet again. Dish is served with potatoes (cubed), ham + bacon, and cheese mixed together and topped with eggs.

This dish is the slightly healthier and definitely fancier looking cousin to the one offered by the Stilly Diner. The down side, you don’t get a long list of options to choose from. It is also fairly obvious from the photo that follows that the cheese is a bit on the lighter side with this one. That’s likely due to the healthier angle. Unfortunately this gal likes her cheese on the more, not less side. That all aside though, this dish and everything else served at the Rusty Pelican would be my recommendation if you are looking to take a date, or your mom, out to breakfast somewhere that is sure to impress. Did I mention, an amazing array of mimosas. Consider yourself informed.

# 5 – Saw Mill Cafe, Mill Creek

DISH: Build Your Own Scramble I eat mine loaded with cheese, bacon, sausage, ham, and kielbasa. Dish is served as a true scramble with hash browns, meats + more (all toppings available with their omelettes), and scrambled eggs, all mixed together and topped with cheese if you want it.

This dish makes the list, obviously because its delicious, but mainly because it is the only one that offers kielbasa as an option. If you are guessing that I love kielbasa, you’d be right. We eat it at home in a variety of dishes and it is definitely included in my own Farm Fresh Skillet recipe. Another bonus to the Saw Mill Cafe’s dishes, they use Oregon based Tilamook Cheese – my favorite. 

# 6 – The Maltby Cafe, Maltby/Snohomish

I know, I know, the Maltby Cafe is everyone’s favorite for breakfast and sits on the top of Best of lists (including our own) year in and year out. It definitely has earned the devotion its earned, I’m just hard to please. That’s what happens when a big part of your job is eating at different places. I’ve just eaten a lot of really good breakfasts, and have a lot of options to compare. What I love about The Maltby Cafe … 1. when something has meat in it, it’s loaded with it, 2. they use Oregon based Tilamook Cheese, and 3. they feature red potatoes. That last one, has made me switch up my breakfast potatoes with either red or yukon gold, instead of traditional russet potatoes.

# 7 – Strawberry Patch Cafe, Downtown Everett

The Strawberry Patch earns its spot on this list thanks to a little dish called Hawks Nest Poutine. For those unfamiliar, Poutine is a Canadian style dish where fries are topped with cheese curds and gravy. We were asked about the best Poutine in Snohomish County, and never having had it at the time, simply must try it whenever we find it on a menu. This particular Poutine is a unique, breakfast, twist which includes your choice of fries or tater tots combined with breakfast style sausage gravy, bacon, cheese, and scallions, all topped with eggs. That’s not all that is good about the Strawberry Patch though, they also have a lot of, you guessed it, strawberry enhanced dishes including grilled cheese (yep, grilled cheese).

# 8 – Hanky Pies, Granite Falls

Hanky Pies is kind of the new kid on the block and kicks off our lighter fare portion of the Best Breakfast list. It is home to one of my favorite breakfast treats, the Breakfast Sammie. We get one every time we stop by. What is it? It features cheesy bacon bread wrapped around egg, cheese, thick yummy ham, with maple-mayo sauce, all grilled with a panini press. It is the breakfast sandwich to end all breakfast sandwiches and available in full or half size.

# 9 – Mel & Mia’s Unique Pasteries, Edmonds

This beyond delicious local bakery also offers some pretty delicious breakfast goodies, including french toast, crepes, waffles and more. The best thing about Mel & Mia’s is their creativity. They take their desserts and dishes to the next level by including things you might never think of (like strawberries with bacon in a grilled cheese sandwich). Not only that, they are always beautifully presented, each dish is literally a work of art, and often feature delicious creams, sauces, and more. So, if you have got a sweet tooth, this is the place for you.

# 10 – Henry’s Donuts, Downtown Everett

I can’t do a top ten breakfast list without including at least one donut shop. While there are quite a few to choose from Henry’s makes the cut for a few reasons. Obviously, its offerings are delicious, ranging from traditional style donuts to more unique options including a peanut butter & jelly stuffed and bacon sprinkled maple bars. Equally important though, is the fact that they are open 24 hours a day. I don’t know about the rest of you, especially those working the 9-5 grind, but local bakeries in our area and beyond generally close early afternoon. For some reason my sweet tooth hits a bit later. Though the options grow more sparse later in the day, Henry’s always has me covered when I need a donut fix late in the afternoon or in the evening.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Love one of the featured restaurants, then let us know why and what you’re favorite dish is. Love one not featured on the list, and if we haven’t tried it, we might just pay them a visit 🙂

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