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Live the SnoCo Life got its start after we took the time to get out and explore the cities of Snohomish County. One of the first cities we visited was Old Town Mukilteo (the area down by the ferry, for those who don’t know). While there, we checked out places to shop, eat, and play, some of which surprised us. The most important thing we got out of that trip though, and all of the others we took during the Spring of 2016, was that there are lots of amazing local options that we would have never have known about if we hadn’t taken the time to go out and look for them. It’s why we do what we do, we spend our days helping you find local options to explroe.

Here is a behind the scenes look at five things we learned about Old Town Mukilteo during our first explorations there … 

# 1 – You don’t have to leave the city to find a good trail …

Our first stop in the area was Japanese Gulch, which offer miles and miles of trails (hiking, running, and biking) with many access points at the waterfront and inland.  We did a portion of the trail off the Japanese Gulch Dog Park, and while a bit on the muddy side in Spring, it showed us that awesome trails aren’t just found up by the mountains. Which is perfect, you know, if you don’t like driving long distances and getting your car dirty for a trail like we do.

 Japanese Gulch is literally an escape from the city, located right in the heart of it. While hiking along the trails, you wouldn’t even know there were homes and businesses close by. Instead, you are treated to trees, plant life, a creek/stream (whatever it is) that flows through the middle of the gulch, and some serious peace and quiet. I wouldn’t mind living by the gulch year round. 

# 2 – Mukilteo has “THE” best pizza in Snohomish County …

That’s according to me anyway. You have seriously not had good pizza until you have tried Sully’s Pizza & Calzones in Old Town Mukilteo. It is by far the cheesiest pizza you will find in Snohomish County, and if you know me, you know I LOVE my cheese. Everything is made when you order it, features fresh ingredients and Sully’s Red Sauce. Some facts that are equally as interesting as Sully’s yummy pizza …

  • This local spot is owned and operated by the city’s former mayor Brian Sullivan. 
  • Sully’s offers craft beer on tap … you aren’t going to get that from Dominio’s.

Catch our feature on Sully’s as part of our Burgers, Pizza + Quick Bites special publication HERE

# 3 – Shopping is pretty sweet in Old Town Mukilteo …

That is all thanks to Mukilteo Chocolate Company. They are one of the few places in Snohomish County that offer locally made chocolates and sweets. Their specialties are handcrafted truffles and some seriously delicious fudge. Don’t get me wrong though, there is a lot more to be found there including Olympic Mountain Ice Cream, made right in Shelton, Washington.

What is my favorite sweet there? That has to be the fudge. There are classics always in rotation, as well as new and unique flavors every time we stop by. I’m a sucker for any of the flavors that feature caramel or coffee.

 Catch our interview with owner Laurie HERE.

# 4 – Lighthouse Park is a good spot for a lot of things, including embarrassing your kiddos …

Lighthouse Park may not be big, but there sure is a lot to do there. You can take a step back in time by exploring the lighthouse, stroll along the beach, watch the ferry or an amazing sunset, and play too if you are a kiddo.

 My kiddos took the time to play while we were there and it had some pretty hilarious consequences … like when my oldest boy took my challenge to jump off the swings and literally fell on his face in slow motion. Yeah, I’m keeping the video of that to embarrass him well into the future. 

 And my, what a difference two years can make. The kids look so cute and tiny, what happened to them??? Especially The SnoCo Kid 😉

# 5 – Mukilteo is “THE” the best spot to catch a Snohomish County Sunset …

This one is almost a tie,  but what Mukilteo has that Port Gardner Bay in Everett does not is the ever important beach and sand, as well as a playground to distract the kiddos while you watch. These things might not be important to a photographer like me, who is just there for an awesome photo, but they are if you are looking for some romance or peace and quiet.

Don’t get me wrong though, the beach in Mukilteo almost wins out when it comes to best places to photograph a sunset as well. it’s got a lot of factors going for it, like how close land is across the water (trying to take photos of large amounts of water is no fun, at all), catching the ferry in the shot, and maybe even catching a bit of the beach too.

 As amazing as our first trip to Old Town Mukilteo was, we’ve gone back time and time again. A lot of things have changed on the local scene along the way, some good and some sad. The delicious Sydney Bakery & Wine Bar, which made the most amazing carrot cake, has been replaced by Sage and Cinder, which offers vegan small plates, wine, and more. Beach Glass House + Style, which offered beautiful PNW and beach themed decor, has been replaced by Nature Together, which offers indoor and outdoor experiences for kids that teach them all about nature. Northwest Biscotti, “THE” best biscotti you will ever have, can no longer be found there, but that is because they have moved on up to Marysville.

 What does all of this mean? It means that Old Town Mukilteo was, and is, the perfect Snohomish County day trip. There isn’t a lot of shopping, but there are lots of good places to eat, coffee to drink, sweets to buy, and an abundance of nature to take it. All you’ve got to do is get out and explore it! Love something about Old Town Mukilteo, tell us about it in the comments below.

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